The Gleam From the Differences in Our Eyes

Two eyes: different and similar all at once.


Two eyes: different and similar all at once.

Your eyes are blue

Mine are brown

Yet we see the same:

           Two monarch butterflies trying to save themselves from the feline. Their wings

           were torn at the seams.

           Too fragile for a seamstress to sew;

           they died in flames


We went down to the bay

On that Autumn Day

We splashed, played

and swam in those icy waters 

that reminded me so much of your eyes


The icy blue

Popping out from behind the poppies

In the garden

Near something canyon road

My brown eyes hiding behind

The sunflowers’ center

We noticed the same thing:

           The geese came and landed from the east

           In the blue sky

           Their brown wings flapped

           In an arrow

           Leading them home

           While we roamed


Our eyes are very different

Yet we see the bees pollinating the daisies

On that cool spring day

Down in Monterey


Our eyes seem so different

The gleam in them the same

Hope for the future looms through them

The moon changes

As there is room to grow

In the world that we live in

Sometimes it feels we’re progressing

           While other times we fall down

                     17 flights of stairs

                               Hitting our head

                                         While they ask us to count to ten

My eyes brown, 

Yours blue


We see the same


Abbie Lindblad ’24, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor