Montrose Students Shine in The Nutcracker


Credit: Leslie Baker '24

Faye Stearns ‘24 performed in Foxborough Classical Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker as the snow queen.

During the Christmas season, the traditional ballet that is always performed is The Nutcracker. The Nutcracker follows the journey of a young girl named Clara when she receives a nutcracker for Christmas. The nutcracker toy transforms into a human and takes Clara through many different mystical realms. Many different dance studios put this ballet on. 

This Christmas, one of our very own sophomores, Faye Stearns ’24, portrayed the snow queen in her studio, Foxborough Classical Ballet’s production. She was pushed out on a gorgeous sleigh with a huge smile on her face. She then stunned the audience with her beautiful dress and stellar dancing. She danced her way across the stage many times, never letting the smile on her face drop, even while executing difficult moves. She spun and leapt across the stage, wowing her audience. After she made her exit, the audience was in awe of her amazing performance and surged with loud claps and cheering. Faye poured her heart and soul into her dancing, and it was evident. Laurel Kelly ’24 stated: “Faye was so amazing and took the audience’s breath away with every graceful step. The performance as a whole was beautifully done and very festive!” Chloe Stefani ‘24 raved: “Seeing Faye dance as that Snow Queen was truly phenomenal. Her amazing talent and hard work made for a wonderful performance!” Faye was amazing, and everyone in the audience was starstruck. 

Another one of our students, Emma Dorich ’28, also participated in this performance of The Nutcracker. She was in the ensemble as a party girl in the beginning of the performance, and she came back towards the end with the sugar plum fairy. Mrs. Dorich, one of our English teachers, was also in the performance as Clara’s mother. The production was an amazing experience that anyone would have been lucky to see.

Leslie Baker ’24, Clubs & Classes Editor