A Girl



A girl under a night sky.

3 years ago today

Who was I waiting for?

Is there a name, date, or place

In my department memory store?

When the time came

I was left, unnoticed;

Did not even realize

She came into focus,

And now here we stand

Face to face, quiet, hurried,

Passing from my hand

Scribbled notes, writing sturdy,

And then she was gone—

Or was it I who had left?

With nothing in my hand

Except notes detailed in pen

3 years later I still keep

Her small insights of wisdom

In this locked-shut cigar box,

Hinges creaking in rhythm,

But this, too, will leave me,

Escape ever sooner,

For this girl was my past,

Is my present, and future


by Elyza Tuan ’23, Co-Assistant Editor-in-Chief