The Importance of Balance (and How to Achieve it!)

We tend to think a lot about physical balance, but what about its mental counterpart?

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We tend to think a lot about physical balance, but what about its mental counterpart?

Life is stressful. There’s no point in denying that. Everyone has different levels of stress, and at this point in the school year, it is definitely more stressful. APs have *finally* arrived. And then almost as soon as they’re over, finals are here. This introduces the growing need for balance in your crazy life. 

Balance is so, so important. It is easy to physically lose your balance. You have too much weight on one side, and BAM, you fall and get hurt. It is the same mentally. Without balance, life gets really unhealthy, fast. You spend all your time studying and doing homework. You waste all your time and energy on stuff that really is not that important in the bigger picture. So how do you create balance? 

The first step to create balance in your life is to make a list of your priorities. How is your relationship with your family? Your friends? God? Have you made enough time for them, or do you take them for granted? In my house, there’s a sign that’s been above the coffeemaker for as long as I can remember. It reads: “faith, family, friends.” For my family and me, these are some of the biggest priorities in life. It is so easy to lose sight of your priorities. Trust me, I’ve been there! What helps me the most is planning my days out. Even though they almost never go according to plan, they are so helpful for me to maintain balance in life. (If you don’t already have one, make sure to get a planner or use the template link below!)

The most important aspect of your schedule is to make sure you leave time for yourself. There should be multiple breaks built into your day. The Pomodoro method is a great way to achieve this! 25 minutes of studying/homework followed by a 5-minute break ensures that you consolidate your memory and leave yourself refreshed. The most important part of the break is getting up and out of the room you’re studying in. It helps your mental state because you’re looking at a new environment. Get up and dance. Eat some chocolate. Write a creative story. Make a new music playlist. Add to your summer bucket list. Whatever is going to make you happy and relaxed during those breaks is super important!

In order to create balance, you need to listen to your body. Are you tired? Take a nap! Do you need to get outside and breathe the fresh air? Go outside! You need to give yourself as much time as you need. Your mental state is the most important thing to create balance. You genuinely can’t do your best unless you are well-rested, happy, and have a full belly. 

One last thing: Do not overbook yourself. Learn to take control and just say no. Saying yes to everything at the expense of yourself puts unnecessary stress and pressure on yourself. It disrupts your balance and your mental health, which is really not good for you and others. Your mood does affect others, whether you can see it or not. That is why balance is so important! A genuine smile is all you need to make someone’s day.

Hopefully, now when you think about APs and finals, you think about making balance. The rest of the school year will be a breeze. Remember to take it all in and relax. You can do this! 


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Anya Marino ‘24