Senior Feature: Catherine Olohan!


Adam Richins

From left to right, Lucy Bachiochi ’23, Kasey Corra ’22, Catherine Olohan ’22, and Theresa Marcucci ’23

Catherine Olohan is a member of the class of 2022 who most probably would be described as a little scary when you pass her in the hall. But behind her frightening resting face, there is a fun, dependable, and talented person. Catherine has been at Montrose for seven years, and in that time, she has accomplished many things. For example, Catherine is a member of the National Honors Society, which is an invitation given to students in grades 10-12 who achieve academic excellence. She also is vice president of the Montrose student body, was captain of the varsity soccer team, and completed twelve A.P classes. During the Senior Awards Ceremony, Catherine was awarded with highest honors in the Capstone Q & A. Most importantly, she was a beloved member of the Looking Glass as the Clubs and Classes editor. But besides being outstanding in the academic field, Catherine is an extremely fun and caring person. 

Catherine is the oldest girl of eight making her an automatic babysitter. Since she was twelve, she was helping her mom around the house, and now at eighteen, she babysits often and always makes it enjoyable. Catherine also finds the fun in every situation. She introduces us to new games like Uno Flip that get so intense and exciting, that we sometimes have to stop before the round is over because we are making too much noise! The car rides to and from school are filled with energy, excitement, and Taylor Swift songs being played throughout the car. There is never a dull moment when she is around, and she always finds a way to make life a little more fun and bright. Catherine will be attending UVA in the fall and will be missed. Good luck Catherine on the rest of your life!

by Clare Olohan ’28, Staff Writer