Thank You Seniors: Alanna Hyatt


Adam Richins

Alanna lectors at her senior baccalaureate mass.

When asked how they would describe Alanna Hyatt, students said: “hardworking, perseverant, cheerful, kind.” They hit right on the mark. In all the activities that Alanna participated in, including newspaper, Faith Peer Leaders, track, and cross country, she brought a smile and witty remark. You could always count on her to listen to your bad jokes and pretend she thought they were funny, or run with you when everyone else had gone too fast. Min Park ‘23 recalled: “She made me coffee once in the senior commons and that made my day.” She was always ready to serve those around her with a smile.

Alanna was the co-politics editor for the newspaper this past year, after being the sports editor in the past. She wrote about what she was passionate about, namely the Red Sox! Alanna wrote Boston Sports Update: The Red Sox and Baseball is Back! She also wrote about the timely issues which she cared about, writing about the updates on abortion law, and she shared new perspectives on what people were talking about. She wrote articles like: The 2020 Presidential Election: The First Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates and The Texas Abortion Law and the Future of Roe v. Wade

Beyond the newspaper, Alanna was a core member of Faith Peer Leaders this past year and could often be seen updating the bulletin board or setting up the chapel. Working with Bella Convery and Emma Judge, she led the club this year amidst the difficulties of Covid-19. She was always flexible, able to adapt to all the new regulations and rules. She was also always dependable when a lector or cantor didn’t make it to mass, and on some days she would lector, cantor, and do the trays during communion. She is certainly a woman of many talents!

Displaying one of her many talents at Montrose, Alanna runs in a track and field meet. (Damian Strohmeyer for Adam Richins)

Alanna has also always been a member of the track and cross-country teams, and this year was the captain of the track and field team. She runs the 3000 meters, the longest race available, and one that not many are excited to run (except Kate Ladino ‘25, who has been known to complain that it’s too short… ) Alanna runs it with a smile and is always ready to cheer on her teammates when her race is over. 

Alanna has been the unsung hero of many clubs and activities this year and every year that she has been here. We are going to miss you when you go to college next year, but we know that you are going to do great things!! Best of luck at Christendom College, Alanna!

Theresa Marcucci ‘23, Associate Editor-in-Chief