Club Fair: New Upper School Club!


Adam Richins

A story of sisters: Sophie (pictured above on the right) and Grace, sisters to the author, decided to start a new club this year, M.A.D., to Make A Difference.

Every fall, at the end of September, Montrose holds a special event: the Club Fair. As middle and upper school students stroll into the A&A, they are bombarded with colorful posters, decorations, and the best part: candy! Showcasing close to 50 clubs this 2022-2023 school year, the annual Club Fair took place on September 22nd during Common Home Room. Perusing the impressive selection of tables was a welcomed break from the long, busy, rigorous day. With the great variety, it was apparent that anyone could find a club or two or three that she would enjoy. Last year, in sixth grade, I learned that one advantage of joining a club is the chance to meet new students across different grade levels who have similar interests to me. Any middle or upper school student can attempt to create a new club which provides enrichment and fun after school or at student life. 

This year, I got a bird’s eye view about the hard work and thought process of constructing a club. My two sisters, Sophie, a senior, and Grace, a sophomore, have been diligent in creating their new club called M.A.D.: Make A Difference. It all started when Sophie was traveling for a basketball trip and was astonished and saddened by the expanding homeless population, especially when she visited Louisville, Kentucky this past summer. Furthermore, Grace had chosen the topic of homelessness for her Civics final project and was also struck by the upsetting topic. My family enjoyed making sandwiches for the homeless of Boston until covid hit, and, to this day, we cannot find a shelter or program that can accept sandwiches. This is when my sisters came up with the idea of their club. It would be a way to continue to help others while also encouraging students at Montrose to get involved in making a difference in the lives of others.

Each month, the club will participate in activities and partner with local organizations to help others in our communities. One organization they will partner with is the Pine Street Inn of Boston as well as many others. If you are interested in service they would appreciate you joining!

By Ella Cronin ‘28, Contributing Writer