Starting a Club at Montrose


Adam Richins

Kiley Wolcott, who started the new club this year, Mavs Go Green, is pictured here with red heart sunglasses on.

At Montrose, there are many different opportunities to be an accomplished leader. Whether you are running for class representative, running for section leader in Chorus, leading as a team captain, or auditioning for the school play, you practice leadership skills. Another common way to show leadership is by starting a club. We have so many different and impressive clubs here at Montrose. This year, some new and exciting clubs have been introduced to us. As I walked around at the club fair a couple of weeks ago, I wondered what starting a club is like. I decided to interview two middle school students who started clubs this year and see what their thoughts were about starting a club at Montrose. 

First, I asked the students how they came up with the idea for their clubs. Kiley Wolcott ‘28, the co-founder of the middle school environmental club, Mavs Go Green, came up with the idea for the club because she wants to create an environmentally friendly environment at Montrose. She is inspired to start this club because: “I have fun picking up trash and gardening.” Nika Presayzen ‘27 started the all-school Tennis Club due to her love of tennis and just: “decided to go for it!” Passion is a large reason students start clubs. 

Then, I asked Kiley and Nika all about the difficulties of starting a club. I questioned if they think it would be harder to start a club as a new student, and they had slightly opposing answers. Kiley, who was a student at Montrose last year, does not think it would really matter, but it might be helpful to know more people. Nika, who is a new eighth grader this year, tells me yes, it is harder because not many people know you as a new student. Kiley and Nika agree that it is much easier to start a club with other people to help out. Kiley likes having people to organize spending money and bringing things in, and Nika finds it helpful that she had some people to help her launch the idea. I wondered if they went through any struggles in forming their new clubs. Fortunately, it is a pretty smooth ride. With the support from their friends and teachers, they made it happen. The community at Montrose is a big part of everyone feeling comfortable to share their ideas in a club. 

Next, I asked them how they advertised for their clubs. A big part of it is posters and signs, but also simply talking about it a lot! Another way Kiley advertises for Mavs Go Green is by sending a message to everyone through the Daily Bulletin. The Daily Bulletin is a useful way for everyone to see and hear about her club. Kiley and Nika say it is not difficult to get people to join their clubs. Kiley only has to explain her club to people to get them to join. Nika remarks: “[The] club Fair was a great way to advertise.” There are many different ways to advertise and get the word out about your club at Montrose! 

In conclusion, starting a club at Montrose is not an overwhelmingly difficult experience. Starting a club is a great way to be a leader and to share your passions with others at Montrose. Kiley and Nika wrapped it up with a couple final words. They summarized their motivations for starting Mavs Go Green and the Tennis Club. Kiley enjoys: “having a responsibility,” and Nika wants: “to practice leadership skills and to pursue something I love to do!” They hope to continue with their clubs in the future. They also encourage other Mavericks to start clubs because it is a great way to build up your leadership and social skills. Lastly, they both hope you all join their clubs! Go try out their clubs and see what they are all about!


By Victoria Florez, Contributing Writer