Montrose Maverick Feature: Ellie Poulos


Adam Richins

Ellie Poulos, a new eighth grader, showing off her soccer talents on Miracle Field.

Ellie Poulos is the type of person that is almost always smiling, and,let’s just say that everyone knows the amazing person that she is. Whether you’re in the same grade, chorus group, soccer team, or none of those things, you still know Ellie! Ellie is new to Montrose this year but you would never know it. She came from Newton Country Day to Montrose because Ellie and her family thought it would be a better fit for them.

Along with being simply a fun person to be around, Ellie is also insanely talented at soccer. Ellie is the only middle schooler on Varsity Soccer. Varsity Soccer has had a pretty impressive year so far with an 8-3 record, and she has definitely contributed to those 8 wins by playing striker and occasionally midfield. 

Ellie has played soccer since she was 4 years old when she played in a little-kid soccer clinic. When I asked Ellie what it was like being on a soccer team where everyone is older than you she said; “Honestly, I sometimes forget that I’m younger than everyone else because the team is so welcoming and inclusive.”

 Montrose soccer is also definitely not the only team Ellie plays for. Ellie plays on 3 teams and  said that she probably spends roughly 15-20 hours in cleats a week! Ellie said; “I definitely try my best, whether it’s in practices, games, or whatever because I need to show that I care about the team and want to improve. I am so grateful for the opportunity to challenge myself and play with this team.” 

Ellie is an awesome person, and everyone is glad she came to Montrose! 

Lucy Tierney ‘28, Contributing Writer