6th Grade Language Arts


Adam Richins

Two 6th grade classmates working on their memory skills through a matching game

At Montrose, each class provides great education and fun lessons. My favorite 6th grade class at Montrose is Language Arts. Mrs. Roberts is the current teacher for 6th grade Language Arts as well as the middle school director. Mrs. Roberts does an excellent job providing great academics as well as fun, illuminating classes. Currently, in language arts, we are learning about linking and action verbs, and we are also studying our weekly vocab words. We often use our grammar resource books which are small simple notebooks used to take notes on what we are learning about. 

Another reason why language arts is such a fun class is because we learn how to become a lot stronger in writing, grammar, and vocabulary. Sometimes we play fun games to improve our grammar and vocabulary skills as well as our memorization skills. For example, today in class we played memory to build memorization on our current vocabulary words. As well as getting to learn the material even better, it was also a great opportunity to bond with our partner, a fellow classmate. Although on some nights I can be tired after getting home from school, I am always content doing my language arts homework. I love language arts, and I am eager to continue learning and building my vocab, writing, and grammar skills.  

Grace Lynch, Staff Writer ‘29