Ski Club!!

Perfect snow for skiing, accompanied by gorgeous, snowy trees

Elizabeth Barrette

Perfect snow for skiing, accompanied by gorgeous, snowy trees

Ski Club at Montrose has gotten off to a great start. The first adventure was on Friday, January 6th. We got on the bus departing from Montrose. The bus ride was around an hour and fifteen minutes, but it went by fast talking to friends. There was also a snowstorm during the bus ride, so big thanks to our bus driver for getting us there safely.

When we got to Wachusett Mountain we went into the lodge and picked a table to meet up–and then we were off. We all received lift tickets so we could go skiing with our friends whenever and wherever we wanted. The snow was in beautiful condition and great for skiing. The trees were covered with beautiful, pure white snow. The weather was perfect for skiing: not too hot but not too cold. The big snowstorm stopped just in time as we got there. 

As I got off the bus I saw all of the beautiful lights lighting up the night sky. The mountain was manageable and hard to get lost on. This is my first year doing ski club, and I have skied big mountains before that are hard to find your way around. This mountain was great and not too big. When we got to the bottom of the mountain, we could smell the waffle shack. I never got a chance to go to it because the line was always so long! But there’s always next Friday! 

When we got hungry for dinner, we could open our packed dinner or buy one from the lodge! I bought it from the lodge. The line was pure chaos! I butted in to get food (which was very good) and went to sit down and eat with friends. After that, we headed out for another run of skiing. 

When the night was coming to an end, we skied a few more runs and then reported back to the lodge. The chaperones were there waiting with smiles and eagerly asked how skiing was. We replied, “AMAZING” (of course). When everyone was back, they took attendance (because we would never leave without someone), and then we made our way to the bus. 

Ski club was so fun! I highly recommend it! Intermediate or beginner, this club is amazing and I can’t wait for more skiing to come!

Elizabeth Barrette, Staff Writer ‘29