False Spring


Franz Schallmeiner/Getty Images

Flowers buried under spring snow

False Spring-

The ground grows warm

And the buds start to appear

But only mid-winter

Waiting unknowingly for the snow to arrive

And kill its presence

Until it returns for spring

And the weak spring it is

Since the buds were tricked to blossom early

And be left at the mercy of the cold

At the mercy of the snow

Leaving for


Empty springtime fields

Fields, forests, and meadows

Bare and lonely

Its potential robbed

By the false spring

The false spring

That tricks the little buds

To bloom before their time

As the tears shed

Falling upon the plant

Whose life will be taken away

By the winter

From those who cannot save it

Or tell it to hide away

And not fall for the false spring

That leaves the fields bare

Bare and lonely

At its hands

The false spring that brings




To be wept over

For the true spring is here

But the flowers left

With the false one

And those lost

Will be wept over

For the trickery of the false spring


False Spring


By Elisabeth Smith ’28, Staff Writer