Uniforms and Style


Adam Richins

Fiona Hernon ’24 and other juniors fashioning their stylish uniforms in the halls of Montrose.

Many people know that uniforms have a drastic positive effect on a learning environment. Things like improved focus, work ethic, professionalism, and creating cohesion play a part in this, but what benefits apply outside of the classroom? Although others may disagree, personally I believe uniforms actually help develop your own style outside of school.

When I attended public school, where I had the freedom to wear what I wanted, I would usually just go with what everyone else was wearing. When there is this certain pressure to fit in, especially in your middle school years, it takes away your ability to find your own style. When you’re in a uniform all day, your fashion outside of school isn’t solely based on what fits in with everyone else, or what everyone else is wearing. Of course social media and trends influence what people decide to wear, but there is now more room for finding what you like and feel most confident in. This freedom of style creativity doesn’t even just stem from the pressure of fitting in. I believe uniforms give you a blank canvas when outside of school, as you’re not influenced or biased by what environment you are constantly surrounded in. 

Another benefit outside of the classroom from wearing a uniform I’ve noticed is the excitement and inspiration to dress up. When I’m in a uniform all day, five days a week, I’ve noticed that I look forward to putting my own outfits together for any and every occasion. I also think that this excitement will follow me when I graduate and I will have a greater appreciation for putting my own outfits together when in college. So, not only can we be grateful for this red quarter zip and gray skirt to help us grow inside the classroom, but also help our individual styles and identities flourish. 

By Fiona Hernon ‘24, Contributing Writer