Sixth Grade Habits of Mind



In sixth grade, our habits class is Habits of Mind. Ms. Slocum is our teacher, and she helps us to solve problems and create good habits.

Each class begins with a movement break which could be a walk outside or a fun game. This year we have learned about the importance of sleep, how to manage stress and homework, and various strategies such as the Pomodoro method, picture walk, organization, exercise, making strong brain chains, and mind mapping. Some of my favorite techniques are the Pomodoro method and how to handle stress. 

The Pomodoro method is when you set a timer for twenty-five minutes, and in those twenty-five minutes, you focus on homework or whatever needs to be done with no distractions. Once that twenty-five minutes is up, you take a five-minute brain break. You can do multiple Pomodoros while doing one homework assignment. 

My other favorite strategy is how to handle stress. Ms. Slocum taught us a great acronym to help us remember. This acronym is “Turn down the fireHOSE”. HOSE stands for Hunger, Overstimulated, Sleep/Sick, and Exercise. If you are ever stressed you can use this acronym to ask yourself… Am I hungry? Am I overstimulated? Am I sick or did I get enough sleep? Have I exercised recently? These things can help you crack the code as to why you are stressed if you are not sure. Once you find the answer, you can do something to treat the cause of your stress. For example, I could be stressed about a homework assignment, and something that is making it worse is that I am very hungry. I could be “hangry” and should get something to eat. There are three responses to stress: Freeze, Fight, and Flight. This also could help you decrease stress by recognizing it and finding ways to stop this stress.

There are fourteen sixth graders, and each is given the privilege to take this class. There are many takeaways, but all are positive.

“Habits of Mind is such an enriching and educational class, and it has taught me so much about how to study effectively. Not only has Habits of Mind taught me dozens of cool and clever study tricks, but it has also helped me improve my organizational skills. All in all, Habits of Mind is an awesome class, and I look forward to it every Tuesday!” – Grace Lynch ’29

“Some reasons why I love the class are that you learn ways to practice diligence and how to handle your brain in ways other kids would learn much later in life! Thanks to Habits of Mind, I can recognize when to work and how to work and when to take a break.” – Regina Maricich ‘29

“The Habits of Mind class has helped me focus better and stay on track with class work. Something I particularly like is the Pomodoro method which helped me be more consistent.” – Sydney O’Brien ‘29

Habits of Mind help us all to thrive and to be better students. I think I can say on behalf of the entire sixth grade that we are better students for taking this class.

By Elizabeth Barrette ‘29, Staff Writer