Thank You Seniors: Elizabeth Barrett


From right to left: Elizabeth Barrett ’23, Ava Russo ’23, and Taylor Hogardt ’23 at prom. (Adam Richins)


Loves theater

Is an amazing friend

Zigzags to the top

Amazingly talented

Brilliantly motivated

Entering a new stage

Thank you

Heartfelt goodbye


Elizabeth shared that her journey at Montrose was highlighted by personal growth and opportunities for leadership. She is a core member of the Treblemakers, the Respect Life Club, the Montrose Theatrical Society, the leader of the Student Film Club, the Walrus Creative Writing Club, and editor of the Creative Writing section of the Looking Glass. Elizabeth is a passionate and dedicated member of the Montrose community. She is a true friend to many, and credits Montrose, saying: “I would have to say the experience that shaped me the most was learning about courageous conversations because without those conversations, I wouldn’t be friends with the people I’m friends with today.” Elizabeth also related that her favorite thing about Montrose is that she can be her “authentic self.”  Her favorite class in her seven years at Montrose was AP Literature with Ms. Rice.

When I asked Mrs. Juge, the Director of our performances at Montrose, what three words came to mind when asked about Elizabeth Barrett, she responded: “observant, funny, dazzling!” I would agree that Elizabeth definitely embodies these qualities. Her presence on the stage is often comedic and always exceptional. She graduates having performed in sixteen shows, earning a rose for each one. Mrs. Juge also shared her favorite aspect of working with Elizabeth: “Through the rehearsal process, Elizabeth gradually discovers how to portray her character and by show time, dazzles the audience with her transformation. She’s incredibly coachable but doesn’t limit her portrayals to our direction–she internalizes feedback and takes it to the next level!” Elizabeth is truly a wonderful actress, and she will continue to dazzle audiences with her spirit and talent at Loyola Marymount University.

Good luck, Elizabeth!


By Isabela Pap ’24, Creative Writing Editor