Thank You Seniors: A Tribute to the Core Faith Peer Leaders

Elyza Tuan 23, a core Faith Peer Leader, at the 2023 junior ring ceremony

Adam Richins

Elyza Tuan ’23, a core Faith Peer Leader, at the 2023 junior ring ceremony

From left to right: Theresa Marcucci ’23 and Lucy Bachiochi ’23 (Adam Richins)

“Three words I use to describe the senior Faith Peer Leaders are thoughtful, organized, and servant leaders,” said chapel coordinator Mrs. Bettinelli, with a smile on her face. When Mrs. Bettinelli talks about this year’s senior leaders, Lucy Bachiochi, Theresa Marcucci, and Elyza Tuan, you can see the joy radiate from her face. She added: “I know I picked the right leaders because I often find them in the chapel. They all love to spend time with Jesus, and it’s truly a testament to their deep faith.” The seniors never needed to be told what to help with; they saw a need and took care of it. Even from a young age, they were always helping out where they could. They teach not only their peers in the club but the whole Montrose community by example. Their dedication to the chapel is beautiful because they want to keep God’s house beautiful. 

Most people don’t realize how much work goes into a Mass. There needs to be someone to set up before school starts, help out during Mass with the gifts, bells, and trays, and unset the chapel. There are also linens to clean that require a special system and a bulletin board to be set up each month. The seniors have taken care of these tasks selflessly and with great love. Their love of Jesus fuels their motivation to take care of these jobs. The other core Faith Peer Leaders and I all agree that the seniors have done an amazing job. We will truly miss them next year. Their dedication does not go unnoticed. Each and every one of them has brought a unique perspective to our team that will be sorely missed. Theresa brings her vast knowledge of all things faith-related and her passion for serving. Lucy brings her constant joy and compassion. Elyza brings her dependability and calm demeanor.

The seniors agree that helping out with Mass has deepened their relationship with God. Upon reflection, Elyza explained: “Before joining Faith Peer Leaders, it was easy to let my mind wander during Mass. When I started helping out, I learned the importance of staying focused. The gifts must be brought up at a certain time, and the bells must be rung at different times during the consecration. There are cues that come beforehand, and by listening for the cues, you can understand the Mass more and grow your relationship with God through that. It really helped my faith.” She loves contributing to the Mass and through this act, to the greater Montrose community. 

As a final comment, Mrs. Bettinelli said: “This is about the seniors, but anyone can help with the chapel and learn from their example.” The seniors have set an amazing example for all of us to follow. With their influence, they have taught us to step up. They have conveyed that you must start from somewhere – you can’t suddenly have a perfect relationship with God, you must work towards it. They’ve taught through example what it means to live a life of character through faith.

Lucy, Theresa, and Elyza, we will miss you so much!


By Anya Marino ‘24, Faith Editor