5 Survival Hacks for Trick ‘n Treating With Your Littles


In case anyone had mental breakdowns this year, here’s 5 survival hacks to stay alive next Halloween with your littles. From a big sister herself, the one not included on the list that is the most important, remember, however boring it may seem, remember they will love you for going with them.

  1. Make sure costumes are practical- Don’t let the kid(s) or yourself, wear anything unpractical. Don’t wear heels, and don’t let them wear something that is difficult to go to the bathroom in. The kids will need to go, and if you have to go back, you don’t want to help the sticky fingered animals. 
  2. Bring lots of extra candy- in the likely event that they get mad because they’re is not enough candy, give them the extra. It will avoid meltdowns and/or rages. While Mum and Dad may not like it, it’s better than surrendering your own loot.
  3. Bring a back brace- you better bet that they will get tired. Not only will they give up carrying candy after exactly 2 minutes and 37 seconds, they will probably stop walk in g after you are over 3 blocks away from your house. A handy back brace can (only minorly) help you keep your back intact at the end of the night carrying around at least one kid and candy bag. 
  4. Dress for a lazy Saturday- The little(s) will most likely wear out your feet and make you feel sluggish. So, wear sneakers, and dresses in comfy clothes. Your feet will drop off if you don’t wear the proper footwear or casual dress. 
  5. Bring industrial strength rope- On the high of the sugar rush, you might lose your littles. One handy hack is to tie sailors knots with industrial strength rip to keep them on you at all times. (I suggest around your wait have a belly  that goes the the child(ren). Again, your parents might not approve, but if you make it short enough, they can’t get run over by cars. 

Bonus: Remember that this is a night of fun for them, they are your blood, and they love you. This is also a service to them as well as a favor to your parents.