Montrose’s NHS Donates Halloween Candy to Three Charities


Jenna McCarthy '19, Copy Editor

The National Honor Society collected Halloween candy for Boston Children’s Hospital last month. However, the overwhelming amount of donations caused National Honor Society to split up the candy to go to three different charities: Boston Children’s Hospital, Operation Gratitude, and Daniel’s Table.

The candy for Boston Children’s Hospital will be put into resource centers and waiting rooms throughout the hospital for patients and their families.

Another third of the candy went to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude works to collect candy for active military members serving the United States overseas. The organization collects donations from dentists’ offices across the country.  The Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) creates a win-win situation by saving children’s’ teeth from sugary treats and brightening the days of active US military members overseas. MDS Executive Director Dr. Robert Boose states, “Collecting excess Halloween candy for Operation Gratitude is a great way to teach parents and children about oral health, while making them feel good about contributing to a worthy cause. Operation Gratitude’s mission is to thank all who serve, and the deployed U.S. service members who receive the candy and care packages greatly appreciate receiving a taste of home while they are serving far away.”

The final third of the donated candy went to Daniel’s Table. Daniel’s Table is a nonprofit organization in Framingham, MA. The group’s mission is to create a sense of food security. Daniel’s Table follows a three-step process by first identifying individuals who need their help and struggle to find affordable food. Next, Daniel’s Table offers a cooking class and an opportunity for neighbors to receive fresh produce while emphasizing the importance of maintaining the dignity of the human person. Lastly, Daniel’s Table has 30 freezers located throughout the city of Framingham. These freezers give families easy access to healthy meals for themselves and their families. The goal of the frozen meal is to provide families with a nutritional and flavorful meal.

Thank you from all of us at National Honor Society. The overwhelming amount of donations from the Montrose community was truly a testament to Montrose’s commitment to service.