A Tribute to This Year’s StudGov Team


Editor’s Note: Lily Wei ’20, one of our exchange students from China, served as this year’s treasurer for the Executive Student Government team. The three other members of the exec team were seniors who graduated this morning – Clare Melley ’19, Kiki Karam ’19, and Maddie Marcucci ’19. Below, Lily reflects upon her experiences with these three inspiring women.


My personal experience in Student Government at this year’s treasurer did not start off smoothly. It took me a few months to put my name on the school bank account just because I don’t have a simple social society number. One evening, while in my pink pajamas, Clare and I finally solved the problem over Skype after 11 o’clock at night.

But that was just the beginning. We soon mastered our responsibilities through communicating with each other. We chose synergy as our theme this year and hoped to build a strong-connected community.

The cooperation between StudGov exec team and the class reps was one of our main focuses. Before Christmas, we organized a fun cookie-making night at Maddie’s house and filmed a short Student Government Christmas skit. Such team-building activities created a much closer relationship between us all. We hoped to get class reps more involved in a way to receive more voices from different grades. During our Thursday meetings, we always asked about the feedback on the previous Common Homerooms and kept a record of things needing improvement for next year.

A big part of exec team’s responsibility was to plan out Common Homeroom. Since we have a new schedule this year, which increased the frequency of Common Homeroom, we tried to keep some traditions such as senior trivia, chair games etc. but also to add new activities like hoo loo competitions.

Each member in exec team has also added her own contributions. Clare, this year’s StudGov president, is definitely the leader of our team. She is always on top of every event and makes sure that we do not miss any details. Kiki always brings more humor to each meeting and comes up with creative ideas. Maddie organizes all our important notes and is always willing to do extra work without any complaining.

Though the three of them graduated this morning, their dedication and love for our school still remain here. As a team, all our memories and happiness will never be going away.