Introducing the Quarantine Diaries: Vlogs from Our Teachers!


Mrs. Wanner with the three other teachers that created the Quarantine Diaries.

Editor’s Note: Visit our Instagram page, @humansofmontrose, to watch the vlog!

Here’s the link. Enjoy!

Could there be an upside to COVID-19? Sure, we have to take part in social distancing, attend classes online, and life as we know it has been rudely interrupted, but there certainly is one positive to all this. Something that will make you WANT quarantine to last longer. “Emma,” you ask me, “I have not spoken to another human being outside of my family for the past two weeks. The most socializing I’ve done was accidentally making eye contact with the Amazon delivery guy. I have eaten nothing but leftover pasta and frozen chicken patties. How can quarantine be good?” “Dear reader,” I answer you, “some very cool cats are making vlogs.” 

Who may these cool cats be? And what sort of vlogs do they bring? Well, there are four staff members making vlogs to share with the larger Montrose community: Ms Thordarson, Ms Joyce, Ms Chiodini, and Ms Hanrahan. These quirky characters are starting a weekly vlog compilation. Each day, they film a short video of themselves giving updates on what they’ve been up to in isolation. Then each week, the videos will be edited together to form a ‘highlight reel’ of sorts, which will then be posted to the main page of the Looking Glass website. They will also be featured on the Looking Glass Instagram and in the weekly Quarantine Quibbler. The first one is out now, so check it out!

When asked about the project, Ms Thordarson commented: “It’s a teacher perspective of not just what’s happening with us in terms of what we’re doing school-wise, but some of what’s happening in our personal lives.”  She continued: “We’re not just including school days, but what we do on the weekends, so you get to hear about what we do on the weekends in quarantine [too].” The vlog series was the brainchild of Ms Joyce, who recalls: “I think it was the night we found out school would close and I was trying to come up with a way to stay up to date and in touch with my fellow ‘youngin teachers.’ To be honest, I brought it up on a walk back from getting lunch and I didn’t think everyone would agree, but they seemed to like it and we all just kinda ran with the idea.”  Ms Thordarson agreed the vlogs were a great way to keep in touch with the greater Montrose community: “We wanted to stay connected with each other during this time in quarantine, but we also thought it would be fun for students to see… what’s happening with us [the teachers] during this time.”

These vlogs are going to be a fun way to reach out and connect to the whole school. Ms Joyce would also like everyone to know: “I am suffering with all of the readers at the loss of Tom Brady and I’m just happy to be able to share my side of the story.” When asked why she was so cool, Ms. T doubted her coolness and told me: “You’ll have to ask other people, I guess.”    

Grab your popcorn and tune in every week, because Ms Joyce, Ms Thordarson, Ms Chiodini, and Ms Hanrahan are about to serve you some organic vlogs fresh out of the quarantine oven!