Sunday Scoop: StudGov’s Spirit Week in Review!

Two weeks ago, Montrose’s Student Government kicked off our first official Virtual Common Homeroom. “CHR” developed a new routine as the second meeting occurred this past week. There is no better way to bring back some community fun with a beloved Montrose tradition. 

On Thursday, March 26th, Red and White teams met through Zoom for a virtual show-and-tell. Isabella Pap ‘24 said: “It went better than I expected. I really liked the show and tell; getting to see what people have been doing over break was great. And I now have more ideas about how to spend my time!” Plenty of other students shared Isabella’s opinion. Having CHR during these quarantine times provides students with the opportunity to see others outside their grade.

When asked about her favorite part of CHR, Sarah Ling ‘20 responded: “Seeing everybody from the school community. I really miss waving to people in the halls. I guess I just miss people, to be honest.”

Montrose is a place where we are always greeted with a smile, jokes, and laughter every day; to suddenly be separated from that would be jarring for most. StudGov did a great job of bringing more of the community back together by continuing Spirit Week.

When the Spirit Week themes were announced, one simple question arose for many: How can we be stuck in quarantine and still have Spirit Week? In my opinion, the Montrose spirit still exists when we bust jokes and smile and laugh, even if it’s through a computer screen. (Wow, that was terribly corny, I’m sorry.) Spirit Week was no different: girls and faculty alike shared the Montrose spirit as creatively on Zoom as they do in person.

Spirit Week lasted for four days: 

Tuesday: Class Unity Day

Time to collaborate with your grade as you all dressed up for Class Unity Day! The 9th grade won that competition with their creatively designed Disney character costumes (see photo at the end of this article).

Wednesday: Blast to the Past

Time to crack open your history books! Wednesday was Blast To The Past!, featuring students and faculty dressed as historical figures or eras of the past. Madeline Kerr, Eva Derendorf, Josie Marcucci, and Rosie Beard (‘25) earned first prize for their hilarious Four Gospel Writers ensemble. 

Thursday: Red & White Day

Another CHR meeting! Red and White teams met to solve wacky Trivia Games, and winners of that round will be posted on our Mavericks Connect Daily Update soon. Bailey Merchant ‘22 said: “Being able to see my friends brightened my day. It was the highlight of my entire time in quarantine!” 

Friday: Crazy Hat Day

Take a trip up to your attic and try to find the most atrocious wear for your head! Winners of that round will also be posted on our Mavericks Connect Daily Update soon.

As for future CHRs, StudGov Exec Treasurer Issie Russo ‘21 said: “I think we will be focusing mostly on finding fun activities to keep students connected across all grades. Expect lots of Red & White team and Big & Little Sister games. In a lot of ways, I feel even more motivated to organize CHRs now, because we want to help students maintain all the connections they have made at Montrose.”

The return of the CHR tradition was a great comfort for all who were craving the sight of some of our good friends. Spirit Week was a nice reassurance that though these are scary times, Montrose will always stay Montrose.

— Jenn Uche ’22, Opinions Editor