Celebrating Holy Week: Drive-Thru Confessions at Montrose

Quarantine has created a plethora of unusual experiences. Among the many changes Montrose has experiences, you probably didn’t predict that we’d have the sacrament of Confession through Father John’s and Father Jeff’s car windows!

On Palm Sunday (March 30), Penance-goers of the Montrose community waited in a line of cars that spanned from the North Street entrance of the Montrose parking lot to the end of Miracle Field. Kate told her family about the opportunity to attend Confession, and Kate’s aunt also came. While waiting, Kate and her mom recorded the Stations of the Cross so that parishioners of their church who attended were able to walk the Stations with a recording. When their car reached the front of the line, they saw two cars equipped with tarps and towels which served as mobile confessionals with Father Jeff and Father John inside. After Mrs. Novack finished with her Confession, Kate hopped in the car to make her confession.  When Kate and her mom were transitioning in and out of their car, she said to Father John, “I am so sorry it is taking so long to re-configure ourselves.” He responded with “Don’t worry, take your time.” Kate reflected: “I felt a sense of ease that carried me through my Confession.”

Gabriella Bachiochi ‘21 also came to the parking lot with her family. She said her first reaction was that this was a truly hilarious situation. She said: “Who else does this other than Montrose?” We have a unique school to provide a face-to-face Sacrament in the midst of social distancing, and yet figure out a way to do it safely and effectively. She says it was “amazing to have the opportunity. So thankful to Montrose.”

Our Holy Week traditions are very important to us. Keeping the tradition of going to Confession was a wonderful blessing, and is particularly important in the season of readying ourselves for Jesus’ rising. Even though we did Confession in a whole new way, we gained the same peace we always do. Thank you to all who coordinated parking lot Confession, and thank you Father John and Father Jeff for celebrating this beautiful Sacrament with us!