The Maverick Motorcade: Celebrating the Class of 2020!

At Montrose, we know how to do traditions. But due to the coronavirus, our seniors were not able to have their traditional all-school graduation ceremony. That did not stop our fun-loving, energetic, spirited school from celebrating the occasion; we instituted a new way to celebrate them: the Maverick Motorcade.



On the day of the Motorcade, I was so excited to decorate the car and drive into Medfield to celebrate our wonderful seniors. I decorated both my mom and my dad’s car. My mom had previously gotten erasable chalk markers, banners reading “We Are So Proud of You!” and “Class of 2020,” and balloons to hold. When we were thinking about what to write on the car, we thought of writing all of the colleges the seniors will be attending and all of their names. My dad’s car read “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” with each college below the message. On my mom’s car, we wrote “We Love our Seniors..” with all of their names written below. 

My dad works very close to Montrose so we prepared for the Motorcade at his office. When we were all set to go, I decided to go in my dad’s car and pop out of the sunroof with my balloons. My parents honked their horns the loudest they could go and I screamed like my pants were on fire. When we pulled out of the parking lot, my family thought, “Why should the party end now? Let’s go again.” The second time we went around, the seniors were just a bit confused as to why we were back again. I responded with, “I love you and celebrate you that much.” After the motorcade, my friends and I got Starbucks while socially distancing. We all agreed that the Maverick Motorcade was one of the best things that has happened to us in the past ten weeks of quarantine. I say, quarantine or not, the seniors should get a graduation and a motorcade every year. 

At my time at Montrose, I have learned that our traditions never disappoint. In English class we have been reading Romeo and Juliet. A family feud did not stop Romeo and Juliet from loving each other, and a pandemic can’t stop our community from celebrating the Class of 2020.



I went to the Motorcade with two pieces of paper which together spelled “Congrats seniors!” My mom drove so I could wave to the seniors from the passenger seat. I felt excited to see people from Montrose, reasonably satisfied with my two signs, and, of course, eager to celebrate the graduation of twenty-one very special Montrosians.

Then we got to the Montrose parking lot. I saw fire trucks, I saw Mrs. Boynton in the Maverick costume, I saw a fleet of decked-out cars ready to celebrate our graduates. I was overwhelmed. I suddenly knew my signs were not adequate. More importantly, I knew that the Class of 2020 is a really incredible group, because they deserved every single one of the banners and balloons and cheers that the Motorcade gave them and so much more.

We rolled through. My mom said she was glad we were one of the later cars because we got to see so many people that we missed passing by. When we went through, I made eye contact with each senior and said “Hi” with her name. Then it ended, and it felt far too short for such a momentous occasion — the Montrose Class of 2020 graduated! — but the Montrose community celebrated this occasion with all the heart we have.

A big “Congrats” to our seniors, and good luck next year!!!

Kate Novack ’24, Middle School Editor and

Anna Sheehan ’21, Faith Editor,