Happy Summer! Middle School Final Experiences in Review

Schools Out For the Summer Song!

Who doesn’t love summer? The pools, vacations, fun, and most importantly, no school! But before we can be set free, there is one last hurdle: finals. While traditional exams have been replaced by ‘final experiences’ this year due to the pandemic, how different are the two, really? It seems that most of the middle schoolers were anxious about their math finals, yet there was high praise for the final experiences in English.

Many middle schoolers are unhappy about those final experiences that were too similar to finals, as they are still causing stress and anxiety. Even though they count for less of your grade than a typical final, students argue that the titles and tests are still stressful. Maddy Grigg ’24 said: “I don’t like final experiences because they’re still stressful and super nerve-racking. I feel like we shouldn’t have them this year because school online is already hard enough.” Josie Marcucci ‘25 added: “I like that they are not supposed to be as stressful as finals, but I am still stressed out about them (at least the math). I am ready to be done though, and my eyes are too!” 

Others dislike the idea of ‘final experiences.’ Carrie Miklus ’24 said: “I think it’s kinda weird that they’re calling them final experiences because they’re just finals that count for less of your grade.” Julia Luster ’26 agreed. “I thought we weren’t supposed to take tests, that is why they are called experiences. But I’m not bitter or anything,” she said.

While some don’t care about the differences, middle schoolers have a wide range of emotions regarding final experiences. However, it is important to add that some finals were taken out of the picture completely. It is important to also add that across the board, 50% of middle schoolers dislike the math final the most. And overall, 40% enjoyed Literature the most, so shout out to the middle school Lit teachers!

Regardless, finals are done and over with. Welcome summer! And remember, have fun while being safe!

Amelia White ’25, Middle School Editor