Halloween Costume Winners: Middle Schoolers Get Creative!

Halloween was a little different this year,  but we still had fun dressing up at Montrose on Friday! Here’s a little recap in case you were wondering what costumes were voted best in the middle school this year! 

6th Graders: 

In the sixth grade, they voted for the overall winners in M-Block. The class eventually decided that the Harry Potter group should be victorious. The group consisted of Siena Elliffe, Gabby Hasenjaeger, Avery Condon, and Chloe Dias. That’s 1/4 of the class! Gabby was a Hufflepuff, Avery was a Slytherin, Chloe was a Gryffindor, and Sienna was the Sorting Hat.

7th Graders:

The seventh grade didn’t pick a winner. The honorable mention in that class, however, goes to the Among Us group (as well as Ms. Bowman)!

8th Graders:

The eighth grade voted for four categories during M-Block: Dynamic Duo, Funniest Costume, Most Creative, and Overall Best Costume. While there were many interesting costumes, (including the chicken nugget fairy and the cat that ate the chicken nugget fairy,) the winners are as follows:

Dynamic Duo Winner:

The Boys (Ceci Cahill Farella, Jill Blasi, Crissy Ruscito, and Erin Kampersal)

Phineas and Ferb (Maddy Kerr and Eva Derendorf)

Funniest Costume:

The Narwhals (Grace Cronin, Grace Sanyu, and Sophie Farr)

Most Creative:

The Galaxy (Therese Franks)

Best Costume:

Bubble Tea (Liesl-Ann Vaz) 

Congratulations to all the middle school costume winners! We hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


Amelia White ’25, Middle School Editor