Honoring our Maverick Mothers

The wonderful woman I call my mom, with me at the 2022 Mother-Daughter Brunch. 
Credit: Mrs. Petruzziello, P ‘24

Kate Novack '24

The wonderful woman I call my mom, with me at the 2022 Mother-Daughter Brunch. Credit: Mrs. Petruzziello, P ‘24

If you asked me who the most important, loving, caring person in my life is, the first answer I would give without hesitation would be my mom. Always there to provide loving support and tender care, my mother has always been a constant presence, willing to do anything and everything for my ultimate happiness. Along with many other Montrosians, I had the opportunity to express to my mother the same love and kindness she has given me at the time-honored tradition of the Mother-Daughter Brunch.

Beginning with a Mass offered by Assistant Chaplain Father Jeffrey Langan, mothers and daughters were able to enjoy the glorious gift of the Mass while also reflecting on the special bond they share. In his homily, Father Jeff called on each one of us to find a saying or mantra that we can use to pray and develop a closer relationship with God. While many sayings came to mind, there was one, in particular, I always remember my mom saying to me. Many times my mom will quote the inspiring words of Saint Catherine of Siena: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” My mom continuously reminds me that I am called by God to do amazing things in this world and I loved that we were able to share our love of faith in a space so special to me as Montrose.

Following the Mass, Mavericks escorted their mothers to the A&A, festively decorated with beautiful blue flower arrangements and other elegant accents fitting to honor our most Holy Mother Mary. Mothers and daughters were able to enjoy a light breakfast, some company, and hear some wonderful words of wisdom from our Head of School, Mrs. Katie Elrod. I can now say, after attending four Mother-Daughter brunches, that the Head of School’s remarks always help develop a deeper appreciation for my mother and all of the hard work she does for me each day to help me become the best version of myself. Mrs. Elrod called upon all Maverick women present in the A&A to be grateful for their special relationships with their mothers and to cultivate them with the love, joy, and purpose that each Montrosian possesses. As many know, audiences are more prone to follow the messages of the speaker when their speech is told with stories. Like Mrs. Elrod, one of my favorite things I enjoy doing with my mother is to have her tell me a funny story from her life. Whether it’s about driving in high school singing lyrics to all the songs on the radio or memory of putting on puppet shows when she was little, I love to learn new and different things about my mom each and every day. I hope that all of you find your mom or a special woman in your life, and ask them a special story about their life. I guarantee that you will gain a new perspective of her that you didn’t know you were able to uncover!

Whether you are a new sixth grader who just attended your first mother-daughter brunch or a senior who just attended her last, I encourage you to take a moment to step back. Step back and reflect on the many joyous moments you’ve shared with your mom. Step back and realize that all of their love, strength, and energy has been aimed towards helping each one of you flourish as a human being. Step back and take a moment of your day, whether you are doing chores or have finished that paper due for English, to thank her for the wonderful woman she is and the amazing Maverick she has helped you to become. I want to thank the MPG, MPG co-presidents Mrs. Petruziello and Mrs. Adler, and the co-chairs of this event, my Mom, better known as Mrs. Novack, and Mrs. Marshall, Montrose alumna and parent of Josphine ‘27 and Anna Rose ‘28. Their hard work and dedication helped to make this event so special for all!

by Kate Novack ’24,  Co-Assistant Editor in Chief