Tennis Club Debut

This year, the tennis club made its debut!

This year, the tennis club made its debut!

New to Montrose this year is the Tennis Club. We just had our first session on Wednesday, and we all had a smashing volley of a time. Mrs. Roberts drove us to the Kingsbury Club, located right in the heart of Medfield. They have fantastic facilities and offer many sports: including basketball, pickleball, and volleyball. On the team, there are eight girls across middle and upper school, some with previous tennis experience and some novices. Our coaches were welcoming, friendly, and motivated us as a team. When we arrived, we started warming up and exercising by running laps around the court and stretching. Then, we began to work on tennis techniques and skills. We were split into groups of four and practiced handling our rackets. We learned how to swing our rackets in different ways depending on which direction the ball was coming from and how this will aid in the direction of where the ball will land which were two things I had never really thought about. Experiencing different and new sports is one of the reasons I love our school! It allows us to find new interests and mix with other students who we may not have known before. Who knows, maybe the next Serena Williams is among our student body waiting to be discovered!  I am loving this new challenge and hope that many of you will step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Tennis Club is an ACE for me and will definitely serve up some new skills that I can channel throughout my life. 

Here are some quotes from students in the club!

“Tennis club is an awesome experience for me. I love playing it during the summer, and it’s really great for me to bring this into my Montrose experience and grow in my skills in the spring too. Everyone who does this is so kind and supportive, and that has helped me so much in becoming a better athlete and friend.” – Elisabeth Smith ‘28 

“The first day of tennis club was so much fun! I really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the club. Everyone is so nice and encouraging. I have learned so much already from this experience as well!” – Shaylagh Donovan ‘26

“I’m so excited that I have been able to help create the tennis club. It is such a wonderful sport that will be a great contribution to Montrose. The great success of the volleyball club turning into a varsity team is an inspiration. This is a really great group of girls. I had so much fun on the court last week playing in a range of skill sets and experiences. I look forward to many more days on the court with these girls!” -Sarah Lange ‘25

“As a first year student at Montrose, I wanted to bring a sport I am passionate about to my new community. With the fall club fair approaching, I decided to see if others may be interested in the sport by setting up a table at the fair. I was excited to meet Sarah Lange ‘25 through this mutual interest and we embarked on trying to get the club off the ground. Although it took a bit of time to get the club off the ground, Sarah and I are so excited to see it come to fruition and have so many fellow Mavericks interested in the club. As a new student, it gave me a chance to meet others with similar sport interests in various grades and bring something positive to my new community. Thank you to Mrs Roberts, Mrs.Langhurst, and Mrs.Derendorf and of course the Kingsbury Club for sharing their awesome club with us! I am very grateful for our players and I hope that we will be able to become a tight club and soon enough a team!”  – Nika Presayzen ‘27

“I like tennis club because it is a good chance to connect with people you don’t normally get to talk with. Since it’s my first year at Montrose I don’t really know many of the upper schoolers, but tennis club has helped me to get to know more of them! I also just like playing tennis.” – Madeline Vacanti ‘28


by Sorina Yeghian ’26, Politics Editor