Latin Field Trip to the MFA

Students in Latin III, Latin IV, and AP Latin pose for a group picture on the front staircase of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Students in Latin III, Latin IV, and AP Latin pose for a group picture on the front staircase of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Latin is a language that all eighth graders must take at Montrose. From there, they may choose to move on, or they may choose to take the more common Spanish or French. Those who did remain in Latin got to attend the Roman and Greek exhibits in the Museum of Fine Arts on a cold, windy, rainy Wednesday in April. Due to the bus shortage, we all met at the museum, with some of us taking the train, and others going together in the Montrose van. After meeting in the parking lot, we made our way inside. While some of us had been to the museum on many occasions in the past, some were just attending for the first time. For me, while I had been once in the past, it was my first time in the Ancient Rome and Greece wing.

Soon, we split up into groups to go around the exhibits. I went with Gabriella Dansereau ‘26, who also recruited one of our chaperones, Ms. Wieszczek, to come with us. Each group made their way through the exhibits which had paintings, sculptures, artifacts, maps, and so much more. 

After wandering through the exhibits, it was time to have lunch. While some of us brought our own food to eat, others ordered food from the cafeteria. For museum food, it was actually great. 

After lunch, we got a bit more time to explore the museum, including outside of the Roman and Greek exhibits. My group went through the European exhibit, which had statues, paintings, and artifacts from all over Europe. The rooms that we went in consisted of artifacts from Spain and even a fresco that was extracted from a cathedral in Italy. 

The day ended with a trip to the gift shop before we went our separate ways. Some students returned to Montrose in the van, while others got picked up by their parents, and others walked back to Northeastern University where the Ruggles train station is. For me, this was my first time on the train alone, and I’m happy to say that not only did I make it to my train with plenty of time to spare, but I also ended up on the right train, which were two underlying fears of mine that day. Overall, the day was a very fun one, and we got to bond with our fellow Latin students while also taking a deeper dive into Ancient Roman history, mythology, and culture. 


By Kristina Klausinski ‘24, Rising Sports Editor