Grim Reaper at Coronation

A figure, looking very similar to the Grim Reaper, at King Charles coronation this past week.

A figure, looking very similar to the Grim Reaper, at King Charles’ coronation this past week.

During the first early hours of King Charles’ coronation last Saturday, guests soon spotted a dark and mysterious cloaked figure scurrying around Westminster Abbey, Britain’s coronation church since 1066. This special English monarchical ceremony has, for nearly a thousand years, been held in this hall, conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

But the day took an unusual turn when a mysterious figure with a long black draping cloak was spotted and had guests quickly likening the unknown to the Grim Reaper. He was most clearly seen by those with eagle-eye seats in the Abbey. This unknown person was donned in hooded, black robes and seen carrying a long rod similar to a scythe. Running around the golden hallways of the castle gave the perfect opportunity for viewers to take photos and videos to spread the word of this unusual scene they couldn’t believe they were seeing. The most comically notable captions are:


“Diana getting her revenge.”


“Diana’s invite defo arrived.” 


“Lizzy came back with backup this time.”


“Lizzy wants her crown back.” 


This spectacle occurred soon after two royal “superfans,” who claimed to have successfully predicted the deaths of not only Queen Elizabeth II but also Prince Philip, claimed that they knew the coronation would take an unforeseen turn. This newest vision of theirs had predicted something going awry at the coronation. An ominous warning indeed. “We’ve had visions, like slideshows in our heads, that security needs to be high,” Lynne Atink, one of the two superfans, told Jam Press. Adding on, she said, “My first vision was the crown falling, and I don’t know what this means, but it’ll either fall from the cushion or the King’s head.”

But despite any grim and mysterious warnings, the coronation was a successful, safe ceremony. As uneventful as a new king being coronated can be. And soon after–not even a few hours later–  the Angel of Death’s identity was unmasked, but not before this dark figure went viral on social media. It was revealed that the mysterious, Grim Reaper-like persona was a Verger. A person who is not a member of the Abbey’s clergy but who helps with church services and sometimes carries a rod before a bishop or priest. A confusing occasion soon turned into a humorous situation, adding a spark of comedy needed at this controversial coronation.


By Sarah Lange ’25, Opinions Editor