Eighth-Grade Showcase

At the eighth-grade showcase, parents had the opportunity to see what the eighth-graders have been working on all year.

Adam Richins

At the eighth-grade showcase, parents had the opportunity to see what the eighth-graders have been working on all year.

To top the year off, the eighth graders had their eighth-grade showcase. The showcase, only for the eighth grade, is a way of showing off all the hard work and dedication all the eighth graders put in their last year of middle school. They also took their parents on a tour to show off the classrooms and teachers that they had this year. 

At the end of the tour, or re-tour for returning parents, each student picked a class and project to present on. Leah Vaz ‘27 presented a project: “in the Chemistry Lab, and about condensation. It went well.” Leah is also the recipient of the Service Award, one of the many awards that were given that night to specific eighth graders. When asked about how the night went overall, she said: “Great, I liked it! My favorite part was the mini reception after the event and the walk around with the parents and mini-groups!”

Another eighth grader, Genevieve Nohrden ‘27, said: “ I presented the high jump. It went pretty well; I just made a speech and showed a video and that was it. It was fun and kind of low-key but also sort of professional.” When asked about the event, she said: “It was good!”  

Someone else did a language, another presentation option. She wished to remain anonymous, but she said: “I did Latin story translations. It went very well, and I’d rate it a 9/10!”  

You could also present essays, like one of my classmates, Amy DeWinter ‘27. She said: “I did my Elizabeth Schickel Scholarship Essay, and it went well.” Another one of my classmates, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “My favorite activity was playing with the tone chimes and showing my parents how to play!”

You could also showcase a club that you participate in and/or started. One of my friends, Nika Presayzen ’27, presented about a club that she ran. She said: “I presented in front of the parents about the Tennis Club at Montrose.” Nika was also the recipient of the Responsibility Award! When asked about the whole night she said: “Lovely! A very nice experience to showcase the 8th-grade life academically!”

Another one of my friends, who also wishes to be anonymous, said: “I presented the ‘what is in a name’ project. It went well.” One of my amazing teachers, Mrs. Monica Baker, who was stationed in the Chemistry Lab, said: “The girls all did a fabulous job! They were able to present their projects and explain why they chose that specific assignment to present. The audience was very impressed with the quality of the work as well as the poise that the girls had in presenting.” 

The night overall was an amazing experience for parents, teachers, and students. It is not only a way to show your parents your progress, but it is also a way that you can reflect on your own year’s accomplishments. 


By Tvesha Patel ‘27, Photography Editor