Middle School’s Opinions on the High School Students: The Real Story


Middle Schoolers’ minds are always thinking. But what do they think of the Upper Schoolers? Well, your time of guessing is over. The truth has been revealed. Many Middle Schoolers have thought the question over and have come to their conclusion of the Upper Schoolers. We now have exclusive opinions from Middle School voices, and they are only too eager to share.

Ally Noriega ‘21: “I think the Upper Schoolers are delightful.”

Bella Convery ‘22: “They’re a lot more mature than us.”

Monica Crevier ‘22: “High Schoolers are the nicest people ever, and they are always so kind. Also, they help you with all your problems.”

Anonymous: “At most schools, the High Schoolers might bully the Middle Schoolers, but here at Montrose, we are all friendly to each other and there is no bullying.”

Ava Flynn ‘22: “I think they are so nice and they really deserve a thumbs up!”

Lindsay Burgess ‘22: They are so nice and, they always make us Middle Schoolers happy.”

Ana Fernandez del Castillo ‘22: “High Schoolers are usually great, but sometimes they can get a little rowdy.”

Also, there is simply Ally Landy ‘22’s comment: “HIGH SCHOOLERS ARE THE BEST!”

So, there you have it, the good and the even better. Here are my own thoughts on the High School: The Upper Schoolers are true friends, and they care for all the Middle Schoolers. They all have hearts of gold, and they are definitely the people to look up to. The Middle School loves the Upper School, and you can’t argue with that.