Should We Have Homework Over Christmas Break?


Faith Chen '22, Assistant Layout Editor

While the air begins to fill with the gingerbread aroma and holiday lights are strung everywhere, we are all looking forward to a well deserved Christmas Break! However, as the long awaited pause from school life approaches, many students express a variety of different opinions towards homework over the break. 

Understandably, many students will be extremely busy amidst the holiday rush and family reunions. With homework as well as many events to juggle, a supposedly restful vacation may result in a build-up of stress. As one sophomore comments: “Christmas homework is unfair. We need time off, and also, it’s a religious holiday.”Another student adds, “we shouldn’t [have any homework] because Christmas break should be a break, and time to spend with family who we don’t get to see a lot.” Additionally, many seniors, who will already be experiencing stress from their second round of applications, would definitely welcome a break with less homework.  

Some students see the need for homework for special cases, including for AP level classes. One AP student said: “The only homework that I think we should be able to get over break is AP work. We get so much during school in general that the idea behind breaks is that we actually have time off to not worry about school. An AP class giving homework is understandable because the class is on a different type of schedule, but I do not think any other class should give homework.” Students who take only one or two AP classes might agree to this, but students who take three, four, or five AP classes might not find an only-AP rule to be truly relaxing.

While the idea of homework over break may seem daunting to many, some students are on the pro-homework side, reasoning that limited homework could be beneficial in the long run. One student said: “I think that no more than 45 minutes per class should be allowed, because many people have next to no free time over break and it’s meant to be a time to relax.” Another student said: “We should only have one night’s worth of homework over break. That way, we would only have homework for one afternoon over break.”

To answer whether or not there is a limit of homework students should receive over break, Ms White said: “Teachers are expected to minimize homework assignments over Christmas break.” For those who have a busy holiday, she said: “I’d recommend identifying the time you have to work on it (for example, ‘x’ number of hours on January 2, 3, 4, etc.), and then giving yourself a time limit for each assignment.” 

There are plenty of people vying aye or nay for the case of homework over our Christmas break. Our advice is to plan ahead. Look at your vacation from a bird’s eye view — we have two weeks. How many of those days will you be on vacation with your family? How many of those days will you be resting? When are your work days? What is your homework for each class, and how long will it take you? Figure it all out ahead of time, so when the time comes, and you’re sent off home on December 20th, you’ll be prepared, with no surprises.