Check Out Student Coverage on George Floyd and the Anti-Racism Movement

The Looking Glass is composed of 20 editors and many more student writers who are offered the freedom to express their opinions and shed light upon the truths of our community. During the past few weeks, we have felt the rising tension surrounding the death of George Floyd and the protests and riots that have followed. Rather than remaining silent, we want to share our thoughts and perspectives on these issues so that we can grow as individuals, as an editorial team, as a student body, and beyond.

We hope that you will check out the articles below to learn some of our perspectives on these issues. Above all, we want to encourage courageous conversations and educate ourselves so that we can respect each other in our similarities and differences. If you agree or disagree, reach out! Talk to us about your views so that we can learn more about one another and what we can do as individuals to build a better future for America. The emails of the student writers will be at the bottom of each article, so feel free to contact anyone you would like to talk with.

True journalism requires tackling the hard questions. We may only be teenagers, but we’re ready to take on that challenge.


A Case for America’s Police by Maevis Fahey ‘21

“All Lives Matter”: The Issue with This Response to the #BLM Movement by Tess Farr ‘22

Attending a Local Peaceful Protest by Anna Sheehan ‘21

#BlackLivesMatter: Resources and How YOU Can Help by Emma Barry ‘22 and Faith Chen ‘22

#BLM Movement in Response to Racial Injustice by Erica Brown ‘22 and Spandana Vagwala ‘22

Reassessing not Defunding the Police by Alanna Hyatt ’22

Small Town History-Making: The Power of Local Protests by Maevis Fahey ‘21


Thank you!

The Looking Glass