Wednesday Late Starts: Time to Recover or a Waste of Time?

A poster on a Montrose locker details the importance of getting enough sleep.

(Credit: Adam Richins Photography)

A poster on a Montrose locker details the importance of getting enough sleep.

If you’ve been at Montrose over the past few years, you know the many changes we have gone through with our Wednesday schedule. Going from one hour off, to an entire day, and finally to our current schedule, we all have our opinions about the late starts or deep work day and have different ways of using it. According to Abby Scollins ‘25: “Wednesday late starts are a huge benefit because of my extracurriculars. They allow me to get work done without pulling all-nighters.” Meanwhile, Cara Knight ‘28 stated: “I love these late start days. They give me an extra hour of sleep, which really makes me feel less tired and more ready to learn, especially in the middle of the week.” 

To these students, the Wednesday schedule has been beneficial. Especially last year, we used the break we had in the middle of the week to catch up on work and sleep; they were a much needed break used to recuperate and recover. 

However, there are some opposing opinions concerning the usefulness of these hours. Carolina Florez ‘26 said: “I like the extra sleep but am worried about how much education I’m getting.” Although it’s nice to get extra sleep, we aren’t learning anything in that extra time. Missing one or two hours doesn’t seem like much, but when you add up that time over the course of the entire year, a lot of time that could’ve been used for class or studying with teachers is not used. So what do you think? Are the delayed starts beneficial for our learning by giving us extra time to do work and catch up on sleep, or are they taking away valuable time that could be used to learn? 

By Sophie Farr ’25, Contributing Writer