On the Current Uniform Question


Adam Richins Photography

Middle schoolers model Montrose’s current uniform.

Only a little while ago, our Spanish exchange students left Montrose to return home, but they made a lasting mark on our school in one way: the current uniform debate. The exchange students’ uniform was — is — something to be jealous of. The red plaid skirt with a flap, the navy knit sweater, and that adorable little collar. As they walk down the halls in that amazing outfit, most of us are probably thinking: “We need an update.”

First, we should bring back the plaid skirts Montrosians used to sport. They add so much color and life to the school halls and student body appearance. They will surely inspire awe in all who encounter students wearing them.

With our shirts I have no major complaints, but there are a couple sweater improvements we could make. In addition to the traditional red quarter zip, there could also be a black knit sweater. Knitted sweaters are so soft and cozy, and we will not miss the vibrancy of colors as long as we wear our detailed plaid skirts. 

I recognize that there are many other uniform change opinions out there, but I have tried to put together a feasible solution (i.e., not getting rid of uniforms altogether) that will hopefully please everybody.


By Elisabeth Smith ‘28, Staff Writer