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The Conservateur

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In an age where toxic feminism has taken over social media and countless girls are unable to find representation for themselves, two twenty-something year old friends have created a new magazine in an effort to solve this growing issue and address a societal need. 

Jayme Chandler and Isabelle Redfield recognized the issues in female representation in the media: toxic ideas of body image, patriotism and faith being seen as weaknesses and women not supporting each other. After interning together in Washington D.C. and spending endless nights talking about everything from politics to fashion to pop culture, they realized that other girls needed an outlet to hear from women like them in a time where many felt like they were alone. 

The Conservateur makes a special point to cover new and upcoming politicians the media isn’t covering. With elections so close, it’s important to know everyone who is running. Articles also cover fashion advice, focusing on dressing more modestly and not putting on the pressure that apps like Instagram are putting on girls to have the ‘perfect body type’ and to wear clothes more mature than their years. 

I’d like to spotlight one recently published article with elections right around the corner (don’t worry, I’m not looking to start any debates). Titled “#I’mWithHer,” this article sheds light on women running for political offices in the upcoming elections whom many people may not know. Women such as Tudor Dixen and Kari Lake are running to be the governors of Michigan and Arizona. Both women are making support for law enforcement a main priority if they win. One woman who really stands out to me is Italian-American Madison Gesiotto Gilbert who is running in Ohio’s 13th district. Her platform’s cornerstone is the advocacy for the American worker and the unborn baby. In the midst of Biden’s recession and America being hit with unforeseen hardships, Gilbert is working hard to draw attention to more Americans supporting American labor jobs. While I could go on and on about the amazing other women mentioned, I encourage you to instead read this article for yourself and learn about new female politicians to support and consider new viewpoints possibly outside of your own.  

The Conservateur’s fashion section has plenty of fashion tips that can be easily tailored to how you like to dress and your body type. Nothing is toxic, sexual, or compares women to each other. The magazine also focuses on specific styles, in particular drawing inspiration from the classic “All-American Girl” styles like wide leg jeans, bright colors, and cowboy boots. The Conservateur even has an article about the First Ladies and each of their styles worn throughout the years (I mean, what other magazine writes that stuff?). 

We are living in challenging times, where women find it easier to be vain and cruel to each other instead of banding together and supporting one another, lifting each other up. More and more women are flocking to apply for jobs to write for The Conservatour, and with a growing number of people visiting its website, maybe a new age of womanhood will begin. One where patriotism and faith are praised and women love themselves exactly as they are while being open to the political viewpoints of others, outside of their own.

by Sarah Lange ‘25, Staff Writer