The Benefits of Club Sports

A photo from one of my field hockey tournaments last April in which my teammates and I played in a HUGE rainstorm and a bit of thunder and lightning in Epping, New Hampshire.

Kristina Klauzinski '24

A photo from one of my field hockey tournaments last April in which my teammates and I played in a HUGE rainstorm and a bit of thunder and lightning in Epping, New Hampshire.

Club sports have pretty much taken over America. Many athletes of all ages play their sports outside of school with clubs all over. While some play for a club nearby, others drive VERY FAR to get to practice (I once met a girl who drove TWO HOURS one way to get to club field hockey practice). This, along with the late practice times, also messes with many athletes’ sleep-schedules, and many don’t get to sleep until very late, sometimes not until almost midnight, which is why planning out your day when you have practice to allocate homework time before practice is very important. 

Many clubs also participate in tournaments which, while they’re fun, can be VERY long and often tiring. From personal experience as a club field hockey player, I can say that this is a very true statement. I’ve spent lots of time in the car, played a game at 9:00 PM on a school night almost two hours from my house and had many other crazy experiences. However, I don’t regret my decision to play club field hockey as it has given me so many awesome memories. 

Playing club sports is not only time-consuming, but it is also VERY expensive. The expenses don’t only apply to club tuition but to purchasing uniforms, sports equipment (which vary in price depending on your sport and position), practice clothes, tournament fees, gas for the HUGE amount of driving that is done for both practice and tournaments, sometimes hotel rooms, and hospital bills, among many other fees that come with playing club sports. 

While playing club sports is one of the most physically and mentally draining activities that one can participate in during their middle and high school years, it is also one of the most rewarding. Through the rigorous and intense training, I have grown as a field hockey player and have been able to play at a level which I never thought I was capable of. Improving my skills has helped me during the Montrose field hockey season, and I let in fewer goals this season than I did the prior season. Ava Raad ‘26, who is a club volleyball player, agreed, saying that, “Club sports provide the benefit of getting more practice, and you not only learn how to be a team player, but you also have lots of tournaments that get you into shape.”

Second, club field hockey has given me the opportunity to make new friends outside of Montrose and even reconnect with old friends from my town. Friendships that are created during athletics are often different from those that you create at school because both you and your teammates share the same love and passion for your sport. “Playing club soccer has allowed me to meet new people from all different backgrounds. It is exciting to make new friends outside of school who share your passion for the sport” said Cate Lynch ‘24, who is a club soccer player and Montrose varsity soccer captain. 

To summarize, club sports can be described in a plethora of both good and bad ways. Starting with the bad ways, club sports can be described as very expensive (yes, I can say that this is very true as a field hockey goalie as goalie gear for any sport is very expensive), you’ll be very sore, injuries aren’t uncommon, you’ll lose a lot of sleep, and it is very physically and mentally draining. However, on the other side, the good things outweigh the bad. The friendships that you make playing a club sport last for a long time, even if one of you stops playing for the same club as you. Also, playing with such a high level of athletes truly helps you to improve in your sport tremendously, and helps you to stay in shape in the offseason! 

By Kristina Klausinski ‘24, Co-Sports Editor