The Scoop on Montrose’s Golf Club

Maria Oliva '16

Maria Oliva ’16

Amanda Belger '21, Middle School Editor

Montrose recently had its first Girls Independent Golf League (“GIGL”)  golf tournament. A GIGL tournament can be fun for anyone who is interested in the sport of golf. GIGL tournaments are a great experience for girls who have never swung a golf club, as well as for proficient golfers.

There is much to learn about this fun game, so I will try to tell you as best as I can. In the game, you must have the lowest score to win. Each hole has a different number that is the “par.” This is the course average number of swings (called “shots”)  at the ball for good golfers to get the ball  into the hole on the green.

The green is where the flag, or pin, is. Say that the par of a hole is 3, and you get your ball in the hole by 2, you will get a score of “-1”. This is also known as a “birdie” because you were one shot under par in getting your ball into the hole. Your aim is to take as few swings as possible.

In GIGL tournaments, you are on a team with one other student, and you take alternate hits at the same ball. This means after you hit the ball, your partner hits it the next time. During each GIGL golf tournament, you have a chance to participate in a clinic where you go over the basic skills needed for golf with a professional who volunteers her time to help young girls develop their golf skills.

Girls with no golf skills have come to the GIGL tournaments to learn about golf, complete the clinic, and start playing for the first time. If you are an advanced golfer, you can compete in GIGL+ tournaments that are more competitive and fun for girls who are already great golfers looking to get even better at the game.


If you have any questions, or would like more information about GIGL, please do not hesitate to ask Athletic Director Mrs. Blackburn. Golf is a fun sport and club that I think even most Montrosians would like.