Tom Brady and Gronk Part Ways With the Patriots


(Credit:Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Josie Marcucci '25, Staff Writer

As many (if not all) of you know, Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback for 20 seasons, is leaving New England. Not long after becoming a free agent, he announced he was leaving and joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While many are disappointed, a lot of people think it is his time to go anyways. “It was definitely time for him to leave. The Patriots needed someone fresh and young to bring their team to victory,” one Montrose student said. Others had mixed feelings. “I was both sad and happy. He was a great player, but last season he didn’t do his best. He seemed distracted and wasn’t putting his full effort into the team.” says Elyse Preston ’25. 

People are also upset because he announced in a super bowl commercial that he would be staying in New England and did not keep his word. “I was really sad when Tom Brady left because he said in a commercial he wouldn’t be leaving,” says Olivia Lipson ’25. Yes, I know he probably did the commercial for money but it still gave me and many other fans hope when he said that he was not leaving.  

Non-Patriots fans are practically jumping up and down at the news. Earlier this year, Julia Luster, a Dallas Cowboys fan, wrote an article about how Patriots fans may be rather annoying sometimes (which, as a Pats fan, is hard to admit to be true). Recently, she shared her thoughts, saying:“I am excited because now they won’t be constantly winning, and they can give other teams a chance at going to or winning the Super Bowl.” When asked the question, “What are you MOST excited about?”, she answered, “I am definitely excited that people will be going from bragging when they win to whining when they lose.” 

On April 21st, 2020, Gronk announced he was going to go join Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. This was a surprise to us all. “My reaction was how sad it was that Gronk was coming back just to follow Tom Brady where he was going,” says Julia Luster ‘26, “And then I laughed.”

I don’t know if I will ever get used to seeing Tom Brady or Gronkoski in a Buccaneers jersey but they are both still a Patriot in my heart.  

 Josie Marcucci ’25, Staff Writer