Thank You Seniors: Celebrating Our Varsity Athletes

Varisty Soccer

What is the Montrose soccer team? Well, from the outside, it is a kick-butt team who dominates the league, however, the girls that make up the team are what defines Montrose soccer. This phenomenal group of girls said goodbye to some seniors this past season, who had invaluable roles on the team: Steph Ciampa, Maria Lennon, Devyn Gianino, and Naomi Jaenicke. These girls are not only amazing leaders on the team but on a normal school day. So really, who are these girls? Varsity teammate and rising captain Gabriella Bachiochi ‘21 said: “Being on a team with these seniors was amazing because they fostered such a good culture. They knew how to have a good time while focusing, and they guided all of us in that same way. The Varsity Soccer team will miss you all, Steph, Lenny, Dev, and Naomi, but we know that you’re gonna bring your warmth and good examples to wherever you head next!” These girls never fail to go above and beyond, on and off Miracle Field. Their smiles in the hallway and their cheers of support on the field and sidelines mean everything.

— Bella Convery ‘22


Varsity Field Hockey

The Montrose Field Hockey team is a big family where everyone looks out for each other. Our senior teammates helped to promote friendships that united the team. And this year, we had created a new record in our team’s history. We had the privilege of playing with and learning from four members of the graduating class of 2020: Celia Roberto, Molly Morgan, Campbell “Soup” Dumont, and Mary McManmon. They are the enthusiastic big sisters of our team. Grace Marino ‘22, a teammate, reflects: “Celia and Molly are always there with encouragement and smiles to cheer everyone up! Soup had helped teach me so many things and always made funny jokes. And Mary helped every girl learn new skills and lightened the mood with her humor.” Coach Osborne praised the seniors: “This year’s senior class was a group of amazing young women who changed Montrose field hockey forever! With Mary and Soup’s aggressive and high powered offense, Celia’s relentless midfield, and Molly’s impenetrable defense, they led us to the best field hockey season in Montrose history! In addition, their excellent leadership made this year’s team a great team to coach!” Our four seniors made the field hockey season a wonderful experience by helping us play, laugh, and encourage one another throughout every loss and win. We had many close games, but the strong leadership from these four young ladies helped to unite the team; for example, at the last practice, we were cheering each other on as a family. We will miss you all and thank you for everything you do for the team, class of 2020! We love you guys so much!

— Carol Li ‘21


Varsity Cross Country

This year the cross country team had just one very special senior, Lily Wei. Lily was an amazing captain this year and set a great example to a young cross country team. Her calm and encouraging leadership truly brought out the best of every single member of our team. Lily was definitely our team mom. She was always there to cheer us on during a tough workout, or bring us donuts after a race. During a tempo run of our home cross country course at McCarthy Field, we had to run up the hill affectionately known as Bertha. I was running with Lily, and she was talking to me and cheering me on all the way up the hill. Her calm presence and encouraging words push everyone on the team to be better runners.  In addition to her leadership and encouraging persona, Lily is extremely dedicated. I can remember seeing her out on a run the day after a grueling interval workout and I was in awe of her love and dedication to this amazing sport. Hana Shinzawa ‘24 sums it up perfectly: “Lily is always so humble and leads by example. She is never afraid of hard work and she is a great captain. I’ll definitely miss her leadership and positivity next year.” Lily, I think I can speak on behalf of everyone on the cross country and track teams when I say that we love you and we miss you so much, but we wish you the very best next year!

— Alanna Hyatt ‘22


Varsity Volleyball

After so many seniors graduated in the class of 2018, the volleyball team was nervous going into the season. However, we had two amazing seniors on our team: co-captain Courtney Aicardi and Katie Hogan, our past team manager and now player. They united the team and kept us happy and positive no matter what. As we learned to bump, set, and hit, they constantly encouraged our team to give it our best. They always reminded us to never give up. Their strong friendship set an example of how a team should be and their sweet personalities constantly made us smile. When we lost a game, they would crack a joke and lighten the mood. When we won, they would lead the celebration. One of the three captains next year, Issie Russo ‘21, describes the season with the seniors: “Volleyball this year has been a blast! Both Katie and Courtney brought so much to our team, and it’s going to be different without them next year. Every day they were kind and encouraging, and had so much positivity!” Issie is right, next year is going to be so weird without the seniors, but as the seniors always encouraged us to do, we will fight through and never give up. Maevis Fahey ‘21 shared, “Courtney and Katie showed us what it means to have dedication and kindness on and off the court. They were so uplifting to the whole team, even though most of us were new. I didn’t know them well before volleyball so I am grateful to have been on the team with them.” Thank you so much Courtney and Katie! You made this season amazing. We will miss you and we wish you the best of luck at college next year!

— Neha Sunkara ‘21, Faith Chen ‘22


Varsity Basketball

Aside from leading the Montrose Varsity Basketball team to their second championship in a row, what really makes the seniors exceptional is their willingness to push and encourage the team. Through highs or lows, this amazing group of seniors, Devyn Gianino, Naomi Jaenicke, Sophie Kocho, Maria Lennon, and Mary McManmon, have consistently kept the team focused and positive. Colleen Casey ‘22, a teammate, reflects: “Playing with the seniors was so fun! All of them always worked super hard and I could always count on them in every game! The practice was never boring and they could always put a smile on my face. I am going to miss them so much not only on the court but off as well!” Thanks to managers Steph Ciampa, Campbell Dumont, and Maria Schickel, the stats and scoreboard were always well recorded. Caroline Piorkowski ‘22 said: “They gave the best type of encouragement. They knew when to practice while balancing seriousness and silliness. Their leadership skills are out of this world and there won’t be another team like this without them.” Coach Brigid always said winning a game takes talent, but winning on repeat takes character. Our seniors have definitely exemplified character on and off the court, and they will definitely be missed. 

— Faith Chen ‘22


Bella Convery ‘22, Carol Li ‘21, Alanna Hyatt ‘22, Neha Sunkara ‘21, and Faith Chen ‘22 are all Varsity athletes at Montrose. Bella, Carol, Alanna, and Faith are our Sports Editors team and Neha is our fearless Food & Wellness Editor.


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