A Winter Track Update

(Credit: Penn State Track via hermannassoc.com)

(Credit: Penn State Track via hermannassoc.com)

Since December, the winter track team has been busy practicing and building strength. Because of the low-stress environment, girls have been able to try new events such as hurdles, jumps, sprints, and longer-distance events. Theresa Bettinelli ‘24 talked about her experience trying hurdles for the first time. She said, “I was super excited to try hurdles, especially because one of my brothers ran them at Xaverian. Although I was a little nervous running them for the first time, I had so much fun and am really excited to be able to improve throughout the season.”

Girls also have the opportunity to participate in indoor meets. Throughout the month of  January, Coach Kerr has accompanied groups of girls to Wheaton College, the only place in Massachusetts holding indoor meets, where they can compete. Leslie Baker ‘24 participated in the BSR Invitational and commented on her experience, saying, “My first meet was challenging, but it allowed me to try a new event and bond with my teammates. I can’t wait to attend the next one!” 

However, the meets are a little different than they have been in years before COVID-19. In order to minimize the amount of people inside, athletes are not allowed in the building until an hour before their event. This rule can be inconvenient if an athlete participates in multiple events that are at different times. Athletes are also required to wear masks during the entire meet — even when they are racing which takes adjustments and can be uncomfortable. These changes mean that athletes need to remain flexible in order to adhere to the rules, so they can keep themselves and others safe.   

Although the meets are a bit different this year, athletes are still glad to have a chance to compete. Kasey Corra ‘22 attended some of the meets, and summed up the sentiments of many on the indoor track team when she said, “It was great to race again, even with masks and a smaller team. It’s been a really long time since I’ve raced on a track — especially indoors — and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to go to meets when so many other people can’t.”

Thank you to Coach Kerr, Ms. Lechner, and Mrs. Boynton for working so hard to make sure the track team can practice and compete safely in person.  

Hana Shinzawa ’24