Softball and Its Seniors


Adam Richins

Softball seniors Carmela Silvia ’21 and Grace Gulbankian ’21.

The softball season began with the uncertainty of whether games would be played or not, and as heard so many times before, this past year’s events promised unique experiences. With a total of seven games, the Montrose softball team was a close-knit group of hardworking girls this season. Everyone’s effort allowed for the tremendous improvement of the team and resulted in a few memorable wins. In addition to the growth of the team as a whole, it is important to recognize our seniors whom we will miss so much next year. Carmela Silvia ‘21 and Grace Gulbankian ‘21 were able to play in their last sports season at Montrose.

Grace: Between first and second base, Grace made many amazing plays this year, scoring many outs in her senior game. As one of the captains this year, Grace’s leadership was displayed through her attentiveness to everyone on the team and the coordination of emailing players information throughout the season. Grace always played her best this season, and her kindness is always apparent through her encouraging words. Thank you, Grace!

Carmela: Carmela’s plays at second base and outfield positions were also outstanding. Throughout the course of the season, Carmela contributed to the team dynamic through her enthusiasm not only during practice but also during the games when she cheered on her teammates. Her sense of humor helped everyone on the team bond on bus rides to practice, games, and ice cream. Carmela’s positive attitude always lifted everyone’s spirits, no matter the outcome of our games. Thank you, Carmela!

Head coach Mrs. Hogan, who kept the records of each game and ran drills at practice, shared her appreciation for the seniors: “Grace and Carmela added tremendous depth to our team. They were both so willing to do whatever the team needed them to do. Grace with her leadership and Carmela with her confidence were outstanding role models for our  younger players. We will definitely miss them.” 

One of the sophomores on the team reflected on her time with the seniors on the softball team: “Carmela and Grace brought such an excitement to our softball team this season! Grace was always the first to encourage us to actually do our dynamic warmups, even when we were less than willing. And Carmela brought such joy to every practice and game. The team really won’t be the same without them next year. WE’LL MISS YOU SO SO SO MUCH! Love you, ladies!” 

Another sophomore, Theresa Marcucci ‘23, said: “They were both very enthusiastic and lifted everyone’s spirits. Carmela was always ready with a joke on the bus to make everyone smile, and Grace was always ready with encouragement and a positive outlook. Thanks seniors!” 

Seniors, you contributed so much to the team this season, and we are so grateful. Thank you for the time you spent with us and the positivity you spread through each moment during the season. You will be greatly missed!


Bella Convery ‘22, Staff Writer