Introducing JV Volleyball


Erika Torok '22

The JV Volleyball team after their game at Gann Academy.

BUMP…SET…SPIKE! It’s volleyball season! Varsity Volleyball has been a fall sport at Montrose for years, but this year we have a new addition to the athletic teams. We are so excited to welcome the first-ever JV volleyball team to the extensive list of Montrose activities! 

The JV Volleyball team consists of 11 people, including some middle schoolers and some upper schoolers. Our first game was against The Cambridge School of Weston (CSW), which we won in two straight sets! Throughout the duration of this season, we will have five games in total. Each practice, we work on different skills which helps us to become better volleyball players. Our JV Volleyball coach is Coach Megan Trowbridge, and occasionally the Varsity Volleyball captains, Maddy Marshall ‘22 and Natalie Landry ‘22, help out. Sometimes the Varsity Volleyball coaches, Coach Lizz Albany and Coach Janet Hogan help out, too. Our JV Volleyball captains are Fiona Hernon ‘24 and Gwyn Morrissey ‘23. They are so excited to lead us into our games! 

 Many people have wanted a JV volleyball team at Montrose, but since there were not enough people, it wasn’t able to happen. Thanks to all the interest in volleyball this year, we were able to make a JV team that could play games! In previous years at Montrose, there wasn’t a JV volleyball team. There was a practice team in which you practiced volleyball and occasionally scrimmaged among your teammates, but you did not play other schools.

 When asked whether she liked playing games or whether she would prefer to do things differently, Gwyn ‘23 said: “I like the games! It will allow us to see our growth, and they’re just a good experience overall, win or lose.” I think Gwyn speaks for all of this when saying this. It is so fun to play games. Since we are on JV, there isn’t much pressure on us to win, and we just get to have fun. 

Something that we all enjoy playing at practice is the game Queen of the Court. If you don’t know what Queen of the Court is, it is when you play 4 on 4 volleyball until one team loses. Then, the winners go on the opposite side of the court. The people who lost go to the back of the line, and the next people go on. It’s a really fun game to practice your skills. All in all, JV Volleyball has become a wonderful addition to the Maverick teams, and we can’t wait to bring home another win! 

Anna Kocho ’27 and Leah Vaz’ 27, Staff Writers,