This Week in the National Football League: Week 7


Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Mac Jones throwing the football in the Patriots’ win over the Jets.

Patriots Get Huge Win Over The New York Jets

The New England Patriots have gotten a clean sweep against the New York Jets, winning their first matchup in Week 2, 25-6, and winning their second matchup in Week 7, 54-13. The Jets had a tough game, losing their rookie quarterback, Zach Wilson, who was a force to be reckoned with while playing college football for Brigham Young University, and who was drafted as the second pick in the first round. He suffered a knee injury in the second quarter, and did not return after limping off of the field. A fourth-year quarterback named Mike White took over but was unable to keep the Jets afloat. 

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Blowout the Chicago Bears

Tom Brady has 22 years of experience in the National Football League, spending most of that time with the New England Patriots, and now he is playing his second year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs played the Chicago Bears, whose quarterback Justin Fields is only 22 years old. Tom Brady has been playing professional football the same amount of years that Justin Fields has been alive… isn’t that crazy? Fields was phenomenal in college football, playing for Ohio State University, and taking his team to the College Football National Championship game, where they were blown out by Mac Jones and the University of Alabama. However, his lack of experience in the National Football League showed clearly, and he threw three interceptions, along with fumbling the ball three times. The final score was 38-3. 

Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers Brave the Rain 

Sunday Night Football had some… we can say… undesirable weather. An atmospheric river going through Northern California brought typhoon-like wind and rain to the Bay Area. Fans could be seen covering themselves with ponchos and umbrellas, trying to stay as dry as possible. The game was filled with dropped passes, and slippery mistakes. Field goals were quite difficult in this weather, too, and the kickers for both teams missed them left and right. 

Other Events That Happened This Week in the National Football League: 

The Arizona Cardinals remain undefeated, winning 31-5 against the highly defeated Houston Texans. This game was a sort of homecoming for Cardinals defensive player JJ Watt, who spent all of his career as a Texan, and is now playing his first season as a Cardinal. 

The Detroit Lions remain winless, barely losing to the powerhouse Los Angeles Rams, with the final score being 28-19. This game was a sort of “double homecoming” because the Lions quarterback was just recently traded from the Rams and the Rams quarterback was just recently traded from the Lions. This blockbuster trade happened over the offseason, and while the Rams are now at an all-time high, the Lions are at an all-time low. 


Kristina Klauzinski ‘24, Staff Writer