This Week in the NFL: Week 12

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones warming up for his game.

Adam Richins

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones warming up for his game.

In case you missed the games this week due to the holidays (like I unfortunately did), here’s what went down: 

Thanksgiving Football:

This week, we got not only one game on Thursday, but we got three… one at 12:30, one at 4:30, and one at 8:20. These matchups were the Chicago Bears versus the Detroit Lions, the Las Vegas Raiders versus the Dallas Cowboys, and the Buffalo Bills versus the New Orleans Saints. The first of the three games ended on a game-winning field goal for the Bears, while the second was also decided by a field goal in overtime. 

The Tennessee Titans were no match for the on-fire New England Patriots, losing 16-33 in a landslide loss. After the Patriots’ struggles to begin the season, they’re on a roll with a multi-game winning streak and are currently in position to make the playoffs. 

The Detroit Lions’ struggle continued: they lost once again. They nearly won their Thanksgiving game versus the Chicago Bears. However, in the final seconds of the game, Bears kicker Cairo Santos kicked a field goal to win the game for his team and continued the Lions’ losing streak

Country music singer Luke Combs put on a phenomenal performance at halftime of the Raiders-Cowboys game

Tom Brady, now the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, pulled out a close win during his away game versus the Indianapolis Colts. The opposing team had driven all the way down the field in the final few seconds but failed to score the game-tying touchdown. Colts quarterback Carson Wentz fired a pass to the goal line, where receiver Michael Pittman Jr. was unable to make the catch. On that same play, Buccaneers defender Pierre Desir made the game-winning interception

Week 12 Final Scores:

  • Tennessee Titans versus the New England Patriots (played in New England) — Patriots win 33-16
  • Chicago Bears versus the Detroit Lions (played in Detroit) — Bears win 16-14
  • Las Vegas Raiders versus the Dallas Cowboys (played in Dallas) — Raiders win 36-33
  • Buffalo Bills versus the New Orleans Saints (played in New Orleans) — Bulls win 31-6
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Indianapolis Colts (played in Indianapolis) — Buccaneers win 38-31
  • New York Jets versus the Houston Texans (played in Houston) — Jets win 21-14
  • Philadelphia Eagles versus the New York Giants (played in New York) — Giants win 13-7
  • Carolina Panthers versus the Miami Dolphins (played in Miami) — Dolphins win 33-10
  • Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Cincinnati Bengals (played in Cincinnati) — Bengals win 41-10
  • Atlanta Falcons versus the Jacksonville Jaguars (played in Jacksonville) — Falcons win 21-14
  • Los Angeles Chargers versus the Denver Broncos (played in Denver) — Broncos win 28-13
  • Los Angeles Rams versus the Green Bay Packers (played in Green Bay) — Packers win 36-28
  • Minnesota Vikings versus the San Francisco 49ers (played in San Francisco) — 49ers win 34-26
  • Cleveland Browns versus the Baltimore Ravens (played in Baltimore) — Ravens win 16-10
  • Seattle Seahawks versus the Washington Football Team (played in Washington D.C.) —  Washington win 17-15