Senior Feature: Seniors in Track and Field!


Jill Kerr

The seniors on the Track and Field team pose with roses.

This year’s track and field team was a team full of laughter, fun, hard work, and unity. The five seniors on the team were a huge support system throughout the season! Senior captains Tess, Kasey, and Alanna were all so encouraging and positive and definitely leaders to us all. Additionally, the five seniors on track and field this year were Erika Torok, Kasey Corra, Tess Farr, Alanna Hyatt, and Erica Brown.

Erika Torok could be referred to as an “all-around” player because she quite literally does it all. Erika’s track events are the high jump, which she has been doing since freshman year, the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, and the 4×100 relay. This year, Erika advanced to the NEPSTA championships, where she performed the high jump, 200-meter dash, and 4×100. Erika has immensely helped our team this year, and all of us are so grateful for her involvement. Erika plans to continue her track and field career at Worcester Polytechnic University in the fall! 

Erika is also involved in the Looking Glass as the photography editor. 

Captain Kasey Corra is part of the track’s long-distance crew and regularly runs the mile, two-mile, 4×4, and — per coach Kerr’s request — started throwing the javelin this year. Despite being a rookie at the jav, she managed to get first place in about four meets this season — go Kasey! This year, Kasey advanced to the NEPSTA championships where she threw the javelin and ran the 3000 meter. In addition to Kasey’s strong dedication to track, she is also a part of the Looking Glass. Kasey is Co-Assistant Editor-in-Chief and regularly writes articles about her Montrose experiences. The Looking Glass is so thankful to have Kasey be a part of the Looking Glass! 

Kasey Corra ’22 throwing a javelin. (Adam Richins)

Captain Alanna Hyatt is also a long-distance runner and always runs the two-mile at our meets. She is so positive and caring, and no one ever has anything bad to say about her. As one track teammate put it: “Alanna is really supportive and so kind. I’m gonna miss her so much!” Alanna really has made a difference to the track team, and her generosity never goes unnoticed. Alanna is also a part of the Looking Glass and is a co-politics editor. Alanna loves to write about current events, and she always keeps us updated on important topics. Thank you so much Alanna for your dedication, compassion, and support on and off the track! 

Montrose High School Track and Field versus Concord Academy (Adam Richins)

Despite this being her first year on the track team, Erica Brown has made tremendous improvement in her speed, form, and overall skill! This year, Erica took on one of the hardest track events known to man: the hurdles. Even though she was a rookie to the hurdles and track as a whole, her determination and hard work took her so far that she ended up qualifying for the NEPSTA championships. Erica is also a Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Looking Glass and regularly writes articles about politics. We are so grateful for you, Erica, and we thank you for your commitment to Montrose! 

Erica Brown ’22 running hurdles. (Adam Richins)

Captain Tess Farr is part of the sprinter/hurdler crew in track, and she regularly runs the 300-meter hurdles and the 4×4 relay. This year, Tess advanced to the NEPSTA championships where she performed the hurdles and 4×4 relay. Tess is such a dedicated, focused, supportive, individual who always cheers her teammates on whenever she can. On top of her track career, Tess is also a huge part of the Looking Glass and is the managing copy editor. From baking overviews to recaps on concerts, Tess writes it all. The Looking Glass is so lucky to have Tess as part of its community; thank you for all your hard work, Tess! 

Tess Farr ’22 running hurdles. (Adam Richins)

I, and all of my track teammates, are so honored to have these seniors on the team! Each one of them helps during our meets, whether they know it or not. As Gwyn Morissey ‘23 explained: “I love being a part of the track and field team because there’s a place for everyone, no matter their skill set. The captains this year were amazing leaders and very funny and positive. The seniors really helped to create such a supportive and positive environment for everyone on the track team!” Thank you seniors for helping us to become better teammates, friends, and supporters! Good luck at college! 

by Kate Reagan ’25, Staff Writer