A Middle School Perspective on Varsity Field Hockey


Adam Richins

Bridget Devaney ’27, one of the three middle schoolers on Varsity Field Hockey, celebrates after making a good play.

Bridget Devaney ‘27, Elena Schuster ‘27 , and Bea White ‘27 are the only middle schoolers on varsity field hockey. Aside from being star players Bridget, Elena, and Bea are also great friends. With all of them still in eighth grade, they are the youngest girls on varsity field hockey. And if you’re on varsity field hockey, you’re good. Like really good! At the beginning of the season, all three of them were just trying out for fun, thinking that if they didn’t make it, at least they would get onto JV. When they got the email they made the cut, they all were “Excited,” according to Elena, “Happy and Nervous,” according to Bea, and very confused according to Bridget. When I asked how the games and practices were, Bridget said that the games are now showing signs of improvement and that they are “stronger than they were before.”  With Bea playing goalie, Bridget playing wing, and Elena playing midfield, you make a dream team once you put in the rest of the 15 girls who make up Montrose’s varsity field hockey team. 


By Tvesha Patel ‘27, Middle School Editor