A Varsity Field Hockey Review

The 2022 varsity field hockey team

Adam Richins

The 2022 varsity field hockey team

After a very hot week of tryouts, our team had been chosen. This year, once again, I had the delightful honor of being the starting goalie for Montrose varsity field hockey. Also this year, we had the most people to ever try out for the team at around twenty-five, meaning that our team was also stronger than ever. 

Soon, the first game came, and it was against Lexington Christian Academy. This game was also the same day as many of our players, including myself, were away from campus on field trips. Personally, I was very far away in Plymouth, so I was nervous that I wouldn’t make it back in time for the game. After a long run from the bus, through Montrose, and to the A&A, I made it with a few minutes to spare. 

The first game of the season began, and the nerves kicked in as I was making my way to the net at the start of the game. Heart pounding, and quite literally sweating (yes, it was also around ninety degrees on this day), I awaited the first shot. The game was back and forth, with many shots taken by both teams. However, we started the season off right, with a 4-0 win. 

A few weeks and a few tough losses later, we had the biggest matchup of the season, which was against Dana Hall, on turf. For those of you who don’t know, playing field hockey on turf is much harder than on grass because the ball moves a lot faster, making shots harder to save. Thanks to my time playing club field hockey, I felt prepared. However, it’d still been a while since I played on turf. Our coaches, Mrs. Bettinelli and Mrs. Osborne were able to reserve us some time to practice on Forekicks’ turf, so we’d be more prepared, though. The game ended in a respectable score, yet tough loss of 2-0. However, Montrose improved a lot, as the score margin was MUCH smaller this time around.  

After that game, we went a very long time without any games, due to some scheduling issues and cancellations. We actually went two straight weeks without a game, but that ended with a crisp 4-0 win over King Philip High School’s solid JV team. After that, we had another huge matchup… Montrose versus Ursuline. Montrose and Ursuline are both very even, playing at the same level, especially this year. The day of the game, and the night before, it had been raining hard, meaning that we weren’t sure if we’d still get to play. Fortunately, we did get to play on the slippery Miracle Field. For the entire first half, neither team scored a goal. In the third quarter, however, Montrose scored. Soon after, Ursuline clapped back with a goal of their own. Going into the fourth quarter, the score remained tied, and personally, as the goalie, I was having a bit of a heart attack over it, knowing that all Ursuline had to do was take one lucky shot on me, and they’d win the game. Late in the fourth quarter, Montrose took a shot to the corner of the net, and it went in. I felt some relief in this moment but was still really nervous, knowing that one shot could make the difference between winning and not. Ursuline took a shot… but thankfully, I saved it, and my fellow defenders were able to get the ball away from our net. The Ursuline offense was charging our way, on the verge of shooting, when the ref blew the whistle, marking the end of the game. This game was by far our closest, and sweetest victory, and for me, it was my first time ever beating Ursuline. 

Later in the month, we had a week with three games. This week was one of the most taxing ones of the season. Our first game of the week was Tuesday, and it was also our senior game against Cambridge School of Weston. Montrose scored eight goals in this game, and that night, we got to celebrate our seniors, along with our huge win, with pizza, cupcakes, and other treats. 

That Friday, we had our third game of the week which was an hour away in Seekonk, meaning that we got to leave extra early from school. Due to the nationwide bus shortage, we all took the new Montrose van. When we arrived at the school, Wheeler School, which was in the middle of the woods, we were surprised to see that we’d be playing on turf, when we all thought that the opposing team played on grass. Montrose had a near comeback after a huge fight in the second half but fell just short, 4-2. 

Our final game was against a formidable opponent, Beaver Country Day. In Montrose field hockey history, we have never beaten this team. However, this year’s Montrose field hockey team is better than ever, and this showed greatly during the matchup. Overall, it was very back-and-forth, and the ball was never on one side of the field more than the other. There weren’t too many shots on net by either team. However, two of Montrose’s shots went in, sealing our first ever victory against Beaver Country Day and also finishing our season with a close shutout, 2-0. After this game, Mrs. Bettinelli gave us the amazing statistic that not only was our win-loss record the best in Montrose field hockey history, but we also had the most goals scored, and the least scored on us. Overall, this truly is the best field hockey team Montrose has had, and it’ll only get better from here on out. 


By Kristina Klauzinski ’24, Co-Sports Editor