Boston Red Sox Season Opener


John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe

Xander Bogaerts greets Christian Vasquez after scoring.

On March 30, the Boston Red Sox had its opening game. Boston has lost the opener four times in the last five seasons. This year, we hoped to finally beat the curse. 

A lot of things were different this year, one of the most notable things being that Masataka Yoshida signed with the Red Sox as a left fielder. Yoshida hit an average of .409 and .727 on the Japanese team and was no different joining the Red Sox. As well as Yoshida, Justin Turner and Adam Duvall both joined the team. Both have won a World Series, making sure Boston will win this year. 

We played against the Baltimore Orioles. The National Anthem was sung by Boston Native Michelle Brooks Thompson, and then we were off.  

At the top of the first inning, the Orioles scored their first run with Andy Richmond hitting a home run. Boston responded when Alex Verdugo hit a home run, though! At the top of the fourth, Boston was trailing 5-1, but Boston came and hit one more run, making it 5-2. By the top of the 5th, Boston was trailing 8-2. By the bottom of the 6th inning, Boston was trailing by just two runs. Even though the Orioles scored their final run at the top of the seventh, Boston struck back with five runs between the eighth and ninth inning, making the final score 10-9. 

Even though we lost 10-9, it was still a good game. Even better, in the next game against the Orioles, we won!! Let’s hope for a bright season for the Boston Red Sox. 


By Chloe Dias ‘27, Staff Writer