Softball Seniors Thank You


Mrs. Cloherty P’26

The softball seniors after their last game.

This year, the varsity softball team was lucky enough to have six wonderful seniors on our team. Each and every one of them contributed so much to our team in their own unique ways. They kept the team positive and cheerful, even if we were losing the game. They led us in warmups and encouraged us to work hard every day of the season. 

Captain Anna Hvidsten has been on the team for four years and is our center fielder or, in her words, “hype woman.” She noted her favorite part of the game was when someone is up at bat and the whole bench is going crazy cheering for our batter. She had many favorite parts of the season, including the team dinner at the Novacks, and the times on the bench when everyone was cheering, and she was able to “listen to all the little conversations going on (especially the freshmen’s).” In true captain spirit, she also noted that she loved the out-of-league game, even though we lost. She said: “We played really well and had a good vibe. Even though we lost, we had really good and supportive energy.” 

Meredith Baker has been on the team for two years and plays in the outfield. Her favorite part of the game was catching pop flies. Like Anna Hvid, she had many favorite parts of the season. When asked to narrow it down, she stated that she loved the team bonding on the bus rides to away games and batting with coach D-Mac at the batting cages. 

Min Park has been on the team for three years and plays catcher. Her two favorite parts of the game are “when I catch a really difficult pitch,” and  “when I get a good hit and run around the bases all the way home.” She also had two favorite parts of the season: sitting around the fire at the team dinner talking about the game and pitcher-catcher practices where she was able to bond with the pitchers. 

Audrey Kelly was our catcher; however, she played anywhere the coach wanted her to with a smile on her face. If the coach told her to play first base, she would comply with enthusiasm. Audrey is an amazing catcher and team player, contributing so much to the team.

Anna Proscia has been our pitcher for four years, working incredibly hard every practice and game. She is a crucial part of the game and was our captain this past season. She led the team in warmups every day and encouraged everyone to keep a positive attitude. 

Sophie Cronin was our third baseman, returning to the team this year after a hiatus last season to focus on her basketball career. She always has a positive attitude and keeps the team spirit high, cheering on fellow teammates. We were so glad to welcome her back to the team this year; she was an amazing teammate. 

Our seniors all contributed greatly to our team, and we are going to miss them so much next year. We wish them all the best in their college endeavors and hope they come back to visit next year!

By Leslie Baker ’24, Clubs & Classes Editor and Copy Editor